A chat with Jan 'Honza' Profous

Honza @ Kozakov Challenge 2012
Honza @ Kozakov Challenge 2012
A while back I wanted to have some more info about all of the CGSA events, so I Skyped with Jan Profous aka Honza, who’s the president of the CGSA, Czech Gravity Sports Association, best known for the annual Kozakov Challenge. And since the riders list for Kozakov has almost been filled, it was time to get this chat online.

The chat took place somewhere in March and we we’re chatting on Skype like a normal conversation. The chat went about regular stuff like the weather (which is oh so important for us riders) and Honza mentioned they already went to Reyviz to shoot the teaser for the Fusion race. Since the winter was very mild in the Czech Republic as well, it gave them the option to shoot it earlier than planned.

But I’m jumping ahead… Fusion, as is Kozakov is organized by the CGSA, the Czech Gravity Sports Association. Not only do they organize these two IDF races, next to that they have 6 other downhill events scattered across the country.

CGSAFor 2014 CGSA has a total of 8 events planned in the Czech Republic, 3 of them are freerides and 5 of them are races, with 2 of these 5 being an IDF races.

Honza: It all started somewhere in 2006 with the first freeride, with a whopping 8 (!) riders. And it took me almost half a year to get these 8 *laughing*. We had no internet so we had to reach riders through friends. If they saw someone on a longboard I asked them to tell him/her about it.

We started doing more freerides and in 2009 we did the first Kozakov Challenge with approx. 100 riders, which was like one big happy family. Now it has grown into a huge event where people come to just for the party.

Beee: Seeing as how it has grown throughout the years, do you regret it grew into a bigger event like this ?
Honza: I don’t know really… It’s hard to work with the public and with the riders. I find it important to keep the riders happy and the rest… [long pause]. We don’t do any advertisement or so, so the people who come, come through word of mouth. The first time the people said this is a nice party, we come back next year. And that’s how it grew and now we have hundreds if not a thousand people.

Since the idea of this chat was to bring more attention to the CGSA’s events, the events had to be discussed, starting with Nová Seninka, a freeride close to Poland.

Nová Seninka

Honza laughs: Yeah it’s full already with 120 riders. We had some guys from Poland coming saying we want to ride and they’re coming with a group of at least 25. We didn’t expect so many riders but they’re coming from Germany, Czech Republic of course Poland and we maybe get some Austrians as well.

It’s not a fast road, max 50 kmph but it’s long and has nice wide corners, so it’s fun. And on the start there’s a small cabin where the owner makes his own goulash and other food, so we’ll put up a tent and bring some beer and it will be nice.
More info on Nová Seninka

Grim Mountain

Honza: It’s the first race of the national cup, it will be held on the same location as last year. As you know last year it was an IDF WQS but we weren’t entirely sure about the track. Afterwards we heard that riders thought it wasn’t fast enough, so we searched for something better which is Fusion, but for a national level it’s still part of the Czech cup.
More info on Grim Mountain

Honza @ Grim Mountain 2013
Honza @ Grim Mountain 2013


Honza: We’re not sure about the location for this freeride yet. There are some issues since the track passes a castle, so we’re already working on an alternative location, which is more to the North, close to the border. It’s 4 km long and is full of turns. We’ll announce it in a couple of weeks.
This event is cancelled.


Honza: Slivenec is a race and it’s similar to Grim Mountain. It’s not a fast track, more for beginners I would say. It’s close to our homebase Prague, so a lot of people are coming since it’s easy and it has some history. It was the first race of the national cup so we like to come back to it, because it’s tradition because it was the first. People like it so we have to do it.
More info about Slivenec

Kozakov Challenge

Beee: Then on to Kozakov.
What do you want me to say about Kozakov ? says Honza, while he laughs. Well there wasn’t much which I didn’t know about it or wanted to know, so we skipped over this one.
More info about Kozakov Challenge


The new IDF WQS race this year is Fusion and Honza was really excited about it.
Honza: It’s a much faster road than Grim Mountain and it has some nice facilities and accommodations as well for skiers, I think. There are some hotels and some places where you can get some decent food. Of course there will be a camp spot as well again and we’ll have some fun in the camp.

The only disadvantage is the drive to the event. It’s a 3 hour drive from Prague, since the track is close to the Polish border, but it’s worth it.

On the track there’s a sort of snake-like curves (sweepers), after that you get around 85/90 kmph and then you get a hard turn to the right, you’ll see it in the teaser.

Fusion teaser

Now that we’ve mentioned a video, we had to talk about 3heads for a second; the guys who are responsible for all those kickass videos from Kozakov (and Peyragudes 2013).

Beee: “What’s your relation to them ?”
Honza: “They were just a couple of students who asked us if they could make some funny videos from the first Kozakov. When we saw their video, we said: From now on, you’ll do all our videos.”


Honza: “The last freeride of the season is Hradiště. It’s a really nice road, it’s long and has all sort of things, hard turns, sweepers and narrow parts. It’s not fast or dangerous so we’re not even putting up hay bales. It has a max speed of 70 kmph. If you want to ride, you can ride, if you want to chill in the tent all day, no prob. The road is 4,9 km long and doesn’t go fast, so you can enjoy nature, it’s very relaxing.
More info on Hradiště

Honza @ Mistrovstva 2013
Honza @ National Cup 2013


Honza: “It’s the same track as the Fusion event, but only a bit shorter. It’s the end of the national cup and when the race is done, we’ll put our legs on the table and say we’re done for this year.”
More info about Rejviz

At with these 8 events we conclude this summary of Czech events. See you all at Kozakov ?

More info on CGSA: www.cgsa.cz

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