Angie's Curves 2014 recap

The live stream began on Saturday after some troubles getting it online. The camera crew was a bit nervous so it seemed, because the cameras were shaky, out of focus and wrongly zoomed. Nevertheless it was a step up of following an event just through IDF’s Facebook updates.

The show was hosted by (in changing positions) Rob Melt, Push Culture’s Brian Davenport, Danny Connor and Max Capps. The show took of right away when Rob called out to viewers to call his cell phone during the broadcast.

IT BLEW UP ! Rob kept getting calls non-stop and receiving continues text messages with shout out requests and when he couldn’t do all shout outs, people got violent and sending death threats and obscene shit (not cool by the way).

It was a madhouse in the chat. A lot of known names showed up there; Mike ’emgeeman’ Girard, Scoot Smith, Bricin ‘Striker’ Lyons, Max Dubler, even Liam Morgan dropped in briefly. It was utter chaos with hundreds of people but it was fun. We saw some nice qualifying runs (and crashes) and the day came to an end around 2 am (our time).

Race day

The the sunday came, race day. The camera crew apparently got some new instructions, because right of the bat the camera movements looked a lot better than the day before.

First up was juniors, followed by women, then lunch, then open. The broadcast started with women practice, followed by the first runs of Juniors.

Juniors was a 16 man heat, which was over fairly quick. In Semi final A there was a big crash involving 3 riders just 100 meters before the start. Connor was the one who got back on his board quickest and took 2nd and advanced to the final. In the final he killed it (again) and won it.


  1. Connor Ferguson
  2. Dane Hanna
  3. Alex Charleson
  4. Oscar Gutierrez

Angie's Curves - Elena & TamaraThe first heat of the women was a spectacular one already. Emily Pross took the lead coming into Angie’s, where Elena hit the hay and took out Tamara as well.

While getting back up Elena handed Tamara her board. You could only see it for like half a second, but this speaks of sportsmanship for Elena, because she didn’t have to do this. It was an elimination race and Elena and Tamara were battling it out for 2nd, so one of them would be eliminated. Elena and Tamara continued their run where Elena was the fastest of the two.

First up was women’s consi with Tamara Prader, Maria Esyutina and Reine Oliveira. Tamara went into Angie’s in first but she crashed. She got back up on her board, overtaking Reine and Maria who crashed herself out on the straight and got back into first position all the way ’till the finish.

The women’s final was Elena Corrigall, Marie Bougourd, Georgia Bontorin and Emily Pross and the tension was on. The girls pushed of hard and went into the first corner in a pack. Georgia went into Angie’s first but went too wide and got overtaken by Elena. On the straight Georgia overtook Elena again and before the second straight Elena overtook Georgia again. Outside of the view of the camera, Marie Bougourd overtook Georgia and took second. This was no doubt one of the, if not the most exciting final of this season.


  1. Elena Corrigall
  2. Marie Bougourd
  3. Georgia Bontorin
  4. Emily Pross

Then Open was up with a 64 man bracket. A lot of heats filled with action-packed heats, if you want to see what happened, check the video here.

Semi final A saw a crash with Patrick Switzer and Carlos Paixao, but Patrick caught up again with Dillon Stephens and Jimmy Riha and almost overtook Jimmy just before the finish, but he was a couple of board lengths short.

Semi Final B was super tight. Sebastian Hertler pushed out in front, followed by Kevin Reimer, Zak Maytum and Brendan Davidson. Hertler kept his position until the corner before the first straight where Kevin had a better line/exit speed and overtook him. Meanwhile Zak was right up in to Hertler’s ass trying to catch that draft. In this order they went into the last corner where Sebastian hit they hey, taking out Zak and Brandon as well. Zak got back on his board and advanced, Sebastian and Brandon didn’t finish but are ok.

The consi final first had a false start, then during the restart, the snap line snagged on Patrick’s trucks/wheels, which made him crash during the push. Red flags went up, Carlos Paixao noticed, but Sebastian and Brendan didn’t and contiuned their run, smoking their wheels for nothing.

In the rerun, Hertler kicked out first, taking a big lead coming into Angie’s with Brendan in second, closely followed by Carlos and Patrick. Switzer overtook Carlos on the straight and then Brendan just after the sweeper. Coming into the fore last corner, Patrick seems to be ‘startled’ by a speed check from Hertler and crashes into the hay. Brendan and Carlos pass but then Carlos crashes in the last corner but still manages to get back up to finish before Patrick.

The final was between, Dillon Stephens, Zak Maytum, Jimmy Riha and Kevin Reimer. Dillon and Zak took the lead, but Kevin overtook Zak coming out of Angie’s Curve. Zak was on his ass but he wasn’t fast enough on the second straight where Kevin closed in on Dillon, overtaking him in the fore last corner and keeping his lead until the finish.


  1. Kevin Reimer
  2. Dillon Stephens
  3. Zak Maytum
  4. Jimmy Riha

If you want to see all footage of the race, click here. Thank you Louis Pilloni, Sector 9, the camera crew, the IDF and all volunteers. It was a spectacular event.

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