• Downhill events in Europe 2016

    Publishing our mega list of events has become an annual recurring thing and each year the list gets bigger. We started out with one list world wide, but it just becomes too much for one list.

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  • Welcome to the team - Florian Fellner & Andreas Mangold

    Root added two more riders to their team. These two are Germans Florian Fellner and Andreas Mangold. Check them out in this short video.

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  • NorAM events 2016

    It's time for a new season and this means we're preparing a big ass list like last year. Lee Cation does this every year. Normally we launch around the same time, but this time he beat us to it.

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  • Alex Dehmel: Best of 2015

    Alex Dehmel tries to skate as much as he cans and travels all around Europe in search for the nicest hills. 2015 was a good year again, judging on his highlight reel of 2015.

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  • This is Döwnhill 2015

    Alexander 'Tiki Alex' Frischauf has compiled a video with his highlights of 2015, in which he filmed several runs at events across Europe.

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  • Misty Mountain

    Boardhub's team riders Oliver Faile and Joey Marcus took advantage of the newly paved Camps Bay Drive in Cape Town that has been under construction for the last six months.

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  • The Herd

    Check out this video, which is a compilation of shots from Blood Orange team riders Jordan Riachi, Knute Neby, Liam Morgan, James Kelly and Brandon Tissen where they all bomb a narrow road.

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  • Croatia, home of the last internet

    Follow Jürgen Gritzner, Flo(rian) Wagner and Georg Mekisch of the BigMountain Skate posse down a couple of their favorite Croatian roads.

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  • Freeride Sant Mateu #4 - Official video

    Ridersfly organizes the Sant Mateu Freeride which took place in Spain, in November. This is the official video of that event.

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  • New road, new competition

    It's not always the easiest way and sometimes there are a few sketchy moment, but it's important to learn how you handle those situations to get on a higher level.

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  • James Kelly in Lebanon

    World Champion Skateboarder James Kelly made a visit to Lebanon in October 2015. He tackled the country's highest mountain roads, skated only kilometers from Syrian border and conducted some workshops with Syrian and Palestinian refugees.

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  • Dumb and dumber

    The "Skate to Escape" crew visited ZG Skatehouse and together they attended the Velefique Freeride in Spain. This raw run is a result of that trip.

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