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  • High Black Corner Jam 2015

    The High Black Corner Jam was a freeride/boarder x event in Ramsau bei Berchtesgaden (Germany). A day of freeriding and having fun with kickers, banks, rails and drinking beer.

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  • Common sense on downhill events

    Rider safety is a high priority (or at least it should be) on each event. Organisers take measures to prevent any injuries from happening and to make an event successful, but the riders play a part in this as well...

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  • Eat Concrete 2015 photos

    Last weekend the Belgian Championship in Downhill skateboarding and luge took place in Groß-Fays. There are tons of pics floating around online, so we grouped all links with Eat Concrete pics.

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  • Riviera Skateboards: Paloma Golden

    'Riviera Internationalist' Paloma Golden shares her visions of her romance with downhill skating. Paloma flies down this high speed road with the style and grace of a migrating swan.

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  • Arbor 2015 Downhill Collection

    Arbor recently brought five team riders to Southern California to showcase the 2015 Arbor downhill collection.

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  • Posbank Spring Session

    The Dutch Downhill Division put up a small outlaw race on one of the few hills the Netherlands has. It was small, but fun and exciting.

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  • Louis Pilloni's guide to Downhill Skateboarding

    Pro-rider Louis Pilloni walks us through the world of Downhill Skateboarding; the physical demands in the sport, its equipment and the current pro structure of the sports international competition.

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  • Shortest way down

    Vancouver Super Grom, Sho Ouellette attacks any hill he finds at full speed all with style and ease. In this video he's charging a well-known Cali classic.

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  • Axel Serrat SB Raw Run

    Follow Paris team rider Axel Serrat as he shreds his way down this well-known run on the California coast.

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  • The Battle for the downhill 2014

    One of our personal favorite videos of last year was the Battle For The Downhill 2013 by Mainout. And now there's the 2014 edition, packed with non-stop adrenaline shots in downhill skateboard and luge.

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  • Seismic tantrum runs

    Spanish Seismic rider Javier Tato is testing out the new Tantrums 72mm/78a wheels from Seismic on a raw run somewhere in Spain.

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  • Peace of Mind

    Tristan Kodors and Josh Boehlke head down a nice road in Malibu, California during their road trip from Canada.

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