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  • Launch date new TSG Pass finally announced

    The long awaited downhill helmet by TSG, in collaboration with three times World Champion Martin Siegrist, has finally been announced to hit the shelves in March or April of this year.

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  • Skateistan

    Skateistan began as a grassroots 'Sport for Development' project on the streets of Kabul in 2007, and is now an award-winning, international NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) with projects in Afghanistan and Cambodia.

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  • IDF AGM 2014

    The first Annual General Meeting of the IDF took place online last Friday. Through a Google Hangout, you could watch the live feed coming from France, Australia and even Puerto Rico.

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  • The IDF - 1 year in

    It has been little over a year since the IDF aka the International Downhill Federation was founded. So this is a good time to do a recap.

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  • Beat the Bastard Charity ride 2014

    Last year we already reported on the 'Beat the Bastard' charity freeride which tries to raise money for "Camp Quality" and in 2014 they're gonna do it again.

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  • ISPO Munich 2014

    ISPO stands for "Internationale Fachmesse für Sportartikel Und Sportmode" (aka International sporting goods trade fair) and it's the yearly trade show to be if you're working in or are interested in sports.

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  • Longboard Girls Crew - Endless Roads

    The 'famous' Longboard Girls Crew made a very nice video series called "Endless Roads". That has been cut into one full 51-minute movie. Enjoy.

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  • Breaking in the van

    Landyachtz needed to get some footage and photos for their 2013 lineup so they headed south down the west coast.

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  • Greener Pastures "Lost in the Carnival"

    The fifth and final episode of Greener Pastures Off Shore just went live: "Lost in the Carnival".

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  • B4BC: Skate the coast

    Over a hundred skaters made an appearance at the Santa Monica pier for "Boarding for Breast Cancer", to raise awareness by skating 18 miles along the Los Angeles coast.

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  • Adam Persson is the first IDF champion

    During a nerv wrecking final day at IDF's last race of the season; Mega Grand Prix in Brazil, Adam Persson came out on top and won the first IDF championship title.

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  • Skaters arrested during Broadway Bomb

    The Broadway Bomb (New York) is a (now) illegal skate race/tour which starts at Broadway and 116th Street and finishes at the Wall Street Bull.

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  • Donate to help Marcus Rietema

    You can say a lot about him, but IGSA president Marcus Rietema has done a lot for downhill riding. It's very sad to hear that one of the most thriving forces behind downhill riding in the past decade, now has a new battle ahead of him.

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  • Bristol Board Meeting 2013

    Every year Lush Longboards organises a big charity longboard meeting to raise money for a good cause. This year it's Macmillan Cancer Support.

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  • Vote for Douglas Dalua

    Douglas Dalua is a downhill skateboarding icon. Recently he released his movie: "Dalua Downhill" in which a camera follows him all over the world.

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  • Vandem Freeride - photos

    Last weekend the Vandem Freeride took place in Exeter (UK). About 150 riders spent 2 days riding the track in good weather conditions. We gathered some pics for you.

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  • Gioasteka 2013 - photos

    Gioasteka is a freeride in Switzerland, close to the Italian border. This year we couldn't be there, but we did manage to gather quite a few photo galleries and a video as bonus.

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  • Bring back Snake Skeleton Downhill

    As you might have heard, the IGSA race Snake Skeleton Downhill in Argentina has been cancelled because the provence has forbidden the sport entirely. Skatesite Longboardism has taken the initiative to gather support and bring back the event.

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  • The world's first 3d printed twin tip skateboard

    Technology is leaping forwards nowadays. 3D printers are becoming better and better and in a competition for "Best 3D Printable Model Portfolio" Dutch artist Sam Abbot has won first price with the world's first 3d printed twin tip skateboard.

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  • LGC goes Israel

    Everyone who's a bit into skating has seen at least one (or more) episodes of "Endless Roads"; the popular road movie by Longboard Girls Crew. Their video reached over 3.000.000 views and now it's time for a next episode.

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  • Foreign Exchange tour: Europe

    Resource Distribution is the distributor for Riviera Skateboards, Elephant Brand Skateboards, Paris Trucks, Divine Urethane and Project Hardware. From the teams of these brands they've selected some skaters to take on a European tour to create an ultimate skate/road movie.

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  • Grim Mountain 2013 recap

    When we came to from the final party at Kozakov we decided to camp another day at the Kozakov grounds, throwing another log fire together and chill.

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  • Kozakov Challenge 2013 recap

    Kozakov is behind us and we've posted several things on our website and Facebook page already, but we didn't bring you all the photos yet, because right after Kozakov we drove to Grim Mountain for the next race so there was no time then.

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  • Kozakov 2013 - Race day 2

    Saturday was the final day of Kozakov. This is where it all comes down to; the finals for all disciplines.

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  • Kozakov 2013 - Race day 1

    Today was racing day for open skateboard at Kozakov, brackets B and C. So riders who qualified 65 and lower had to ride their finals. The riders for the C bracket were given one warm up run before the first round would start.

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  • Kozakov 2013 - Qualifying day

    It's now somewhere in the evening and a long qualifying day at Kozakov is behind us. When we woke up this morning, it had rained a bit, leaving the track wet on most places, so the first run was an cautious one to see how the track was.

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  • Freerides Summer Tour 2013

    In the next few weeks Freerides will be 'on the road'. This Saturday we're embarking on a 3 week tour with a few friends, which will take us to the Czech Republic and France to participate in 3 IDF races and hopefully some wild rides in between.

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  • Monterreal Longboard Fest - results

    Last weekend the new IDF race Monterreal Longboardfest, took place in Mexico. We have the results.

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  • TMI Grefsenkollen - results

    Last weekend it was all about Whistler and its live broadcast, but you would almost forget that there was another IDF race taking place, in Norway; TMI Grefsenkollen.

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  • Whistler Longboard festival 2013 - photos

    In one of the most exciting races Jimmy Riha took the gold at last weekend's race in Whistler, Canada.

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