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  • Whistler Longboard Festival 2013 - results

    Yesterday was race day at Whistler's sliding center, where 96 riders battled it out in 32 sun covered heats for the top 3 podium spots. The entire final was broadcasted live and they did a super job. Super camera shots, a kick ass cable cam providing top notch footage and …

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  • This weekend: Whistler Longboard Festival

    This weekend it's go time in Whistler (Canada). The entire IDF circus has moved from Goldendale to Whistler for another kick ass race.

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  • Rimba Alam Downhill Jam '13

    Downhill races/events are popping up everywhere nowadays which is a good thing so everyone can enjoy downhill riding. Two weeks ago Malaysia hosted its first official downhill event ever in Putraya, a small town near Kuala Lumpur.

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  • Add our events to your mobile device or computer

    We added a small but interesting function to all of our events. You can now download each event to your mobile device or desktop computer ! …

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  • About Daddies, boards, blood and brothers

    Yesterday we created our own Freerides Twitter account, started following some people and then woke up to this message today.

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  • Maryhill Festival of Speed 2013 - recap

    If you've been hiding under a rock you might have missed that last weekend "Maryhill - Festival of Speed" was taking place.

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  • Maryhill qualifiers 2013

    This weekend Maryhill is taking place on the windy road in Goldendale everybody loves and wants to ride. Today is judgement day and so you know what's the current score we put all qualifying times after the read more.

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  • Koffe/Schnapps (2) recap

    Another recap; this one is from the 2nd edition of Koffe/Schnapps, which took place in Urbeis (France) where Alsace Downhill put on another nice event. We couldn't find a lot of pics, but some is better than nothing. Enjoy.

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  • Angie's Curves 2013 - recap

    Last weekend was the first edition of Angie's Curves, an IDF race organised by Sector 9 and the Ian Tilman Foundation and according to all Facebook posts and pics, it was a big success.

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  • No more Buffalo Bill Downhill

    Last week Justin Dubois, organiser of Buffallo Bill Downhill, posted the following on his Facebook profile …

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  • Ravenhill 7 - results & video

    On June 8 and 9 Ravenhill took place in Göteborg, Sweden. The 7th edition moved away under the IGSA banner and continues indepently. Check out this (very nicely edited) spectactor video.

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  • Reinventing the wheel: Shark wheels

    This news has been all over the web. Everybody's sharing the news on Facebook and Twitter, because it seems to be kind of a revelation.

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  • Arson won't stop Beat the Bastard

    An arsonist tried to disrupt the fundraiser luge event "Beat the Bastard", by setting about 100 hay bales ablaze last Saturday night.

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  • Work sucks, go streetluging

    To motivate more people for street luge and classic luge, Alexander Frischauf (AU) aka Tiki Alex teamed up with Banana Pictures to create a 20 minute documentary, titled "Works sucks, go streetluging".

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  • Häldenrennen 2013 - results & video

    Last weekend the German downhill championship, aka Häldenrennen, took place. We're very proud of Dutch riders Annemieke Wenting who took 1st place (Women) and Deen Mondt who came in 3rd (Open). Congrats to both ! …

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  • A push to remember

    Skaters are always up for helping others. Just look at the Beat the Bastard freeride or other initiatives which benefit or create awareness for illnesses.

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  • Bo Peep moves to August

    Bo Peep has just announced a rather shocking change. The entire event has been moved to the weekend of August 23-25.

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  • Politic freeride(s) cancelled

    Today we received the news that the Politic Freeride in Chuyer (France) on May 4/5 has been cancelled. As far as our French goes, the authorities demanded to double the ammount of doctors/medical assistance on site, making the price go way up.

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  • Wallonhill registration postponed

    If you follow Blütcher/Wallonhill you might have noticed it already, but the registration for Wallonhill has been postponed (again ;) ). But no worries, the regular presale will start online on May 3.

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  • Gioasteka opens registrations

    If you hadn't seen it on our Facebook page already, here's a notice about Gioasteka 2013.

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  • Streetluge Austria Opener moves to new date

    Due to the weather conditions, the Streetluge Austria Opener, which was planned on April 20/21, will change its date.

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  • Wallonhill Namur cancelled

    It sucks, but unfortunately the planned Wallonhill edition in Namur is cancelled. The city of Namur didn't allow an event because it seems another event was already planned on the same date. But ironicly nobody knows which event.

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  • Gravity Fest (CAN) cancelled

    Ontario Downhill published this message last week: "It's a very sad day for all Ontario Downhill Riders (and many Quebec riders as well). After three years of putting on the best event our province has seen, The Prince Edward County Gravity Fest will not continue for a fourth year. For …

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  • Swedish Outlaw Cup 2013

    The Vikings have awakened from their winter slumber and are wasting no time before getting their freeride season going.

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  • New skate site:

    When this site was created, we wanted to list a page with information about helmets, protection and safety gear. The info we found grew so rapidly, we decided to turn it into a page of its own.

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  • Beat the Bastard Charity ride

    Beat the Bastard is not some outlaw downhill event, it's a charity freeride to benefit cancer research. The event takes place on Jun 8-10 in Townsville (AUS) and is in its 5th year. To date they have donated $62,000.00 to the research of cancer so far.

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  • How to prepare for a freeride registration ?

    With the spring ahead of us, the registrations for freerides are coming closer. How do you prepare for a registration so you won't miss out ? For that reason we've written some pointers about this topic.

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  • Greener Pastures goes Off Shore

    If you have been skating for a while, you must have come across the "Greener Pastures" videos. A serie of 5 kick ass videos featuring Patrick Switzer, James Kelly, John Barnett, Ramon Königshausen, Yvon Labarthe and others shredding hard.

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  • Wallonhill on tour

    If you saw the trailer for Wallonhill this year, you might have seen the dates in the last part of the video. If you didn't see it: Wallonhill is going on tour. They have 4 events planned on 3 different locations in Belgium and Luxembourg.

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  • Women's Longboard Camp 2013

    Ladies, not gentleman (sorry), this is for you. In May 2013 the second edition of the Women's Longboard Camp will take place. It is what the name says it is; a longboard camp for women, by women.

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