Eat Concrete 2014 - Photos

Last weekend the second edition of the Belgian Downhill Skateboarding Championship took place in Gros-Fays. The weather was amazing, the track better than expected, so definitely a successful weekend.

See the results here.

Freerides (by Beee)
Bram Adriaensens (day 1)
Holger Schickor (day 1)
Holger Schickor (part 2 - luge)
Virgile Delahousse
Erik Derycke
Almaru Almadudler ten Napel
Jerom Geunens
Koen Dhaene
Emile's mom

Added after publication

Ellen Boers

More pics by Ellen Boers

Thibault Monheim
Holger Schickor (part 3)
Ard Lampers
Jürgen Lüsgen

More pics by Jürgen Lüsgen

Andreas Hendrickx
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