Burke Mountain Freeride (2015)

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Burke Mountain Freeride (2015)

Date 29 Aug - 30 Aug 2015
Location East Burke (United States)
Event type
Registration fee $ 180,00
Rider limit 150 riders
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Riders list

  Name Country
1.Sean Reilley US
2.Benjamin Jackson-Legros CA
3.Tyler Kaminski US
4.Kai Salam US
5.Brian Duggan US
6.Jonathan Norman CA
7.Kevin Lefrank CA
8.Jack Traynor US
9.Scott Hurdleston US
10.Sébastien Lemelin Camirand CA
11.Pierre-Alexandre Carrier CA
12.Jérémie Boucher CA
13.Zakk Hall US
14.Daniel Jay CA
15.Reyaud Mohamed CA
16.Frédérick kapune CA
17.Louis-Philippe Déry CA
18.Riley Irvine US
19.Norman Plante US
20.Francis Boileau CA
21.Charles Ouimet CA
22.Raphael Blais Lanctot CA
23.Lucien Topart CA
24.Roy Churchland AU
25.Norman Chen-Liaw US
26.Brennan bast AU
27.Josh Evans AU
28.Christophe Gagné CA
29.Raphael Therrien CA
30.Austin Pedroni US
31.Israel Moreno jr US
32.Stephen Fitzmaurice US
33.Tom Leary US
34.Jesse Greenberg US
35.Brendan Ronan US
36.Matthew Noseworthy CA
37.Maxwell Storey Dubler US
38.Maxime Béliveau CA
39.Liam Coppleman AU
40.Ross Druckrey US
41.Nick Sharek US
42.Adam E Zona US
43.Stephen Sabia US
44.Cole US
45.Sam Blais CA
46.Michael Asinas US
47.Elijah Healy US
48.Francis Bourguignon CA
49.Jeremy Ross US
50.Andrew Young US
51.Ethan Ferreira US
52.Nick Hanson US
53.Robby Tolette US
54.Kalie Racine CA
55.James Abravaya US
56.francis cote-tremblay CA
57.Ed Kiefer US
58.mauritz armfelt SE
59.Evan Aamodt US
60.Cassandra Duchesne CA
61.Rachel Bagels US
62.Eric Chernushenko CA
63.Katie Fry US
64.Aaron Dodson CA
65.Kevin US
66.Stefan Kaiter-Snyder US
67.Aaron Thomas CA
68.Graham Mundy CA
69.Philippe Berthelet CA

There are 4 nationalities attending this event.

  • US - 36
  • CA - 28
  • AU - 4
  • SE - 1
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