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Red Bull No Paws Down @ KNK (2015)

Date 31 Jul 2015 from 11:00 - 17:00 (local time)
Location Osilnica (Slovenia)
Event type
Registration fee € 0,00
Rider limit 48 riders
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Rob and Maga McWhinnie will host another edition of Red Bull No Paws Down @ KNK in Slovenia (the first of the two editions).

Race format

– Unlimited riders enter for Round Robin “race to qualify”
– 5 Rounds of Round Robin
– 4 Riders per race heat
– Top 32 Riders from Round Robin qualify into single elimination.
– In single elimination only top 2 riders advance to next round: 32 to 16 to 8 to final 4


– Full-face helmet & slide gloves mandatory, pads recommended
– Pucks are marked with tape, checked at the end of the run
– Using pucks disqualifies the rider; 1st to do so = 4th, 2nd to do so = 3rd
– At the rider’s risk, the use of elbows, knees, heads are allowed to stay on board
– In case of rain, the race goes on

Riders list

  Name Country
1.Johannes Sagedal Aalholm NO
2.Lisa Peters NL
3.Mitchel Nowee NL
4.Mateusz Mąka PL
5.Ben Stainer GB
6.Krzysiek Powierża PL
7.Mat Olszowy PL
8.Jørund Bratset NO
9.Ian Freire Blankensteyn BR
10.Bodhi Keen GB
11.Gallmann Nico CH
12.Rafał Czuber PL
13.Tien Arno AT
14.Fionn Kraft DE
15.Arthur Schmidt DE
16.Jarek Lesiak PL
17.Michał Dąbkowski PL
18.Max Grosfeld NL
19.Christoph Schmalz DE
20.Łukasz Tomkiel PL
21.Michał Tyburski PL
22.Gerrit Geiger DE
23.Patryk Jakieła PL
24.Nevio Mainardi CH
25.Marcin Piwnik PL
26.Mārtiņš Kivlinieks LV
27.Alvils Bijons LV
28.Martin Massenbauer AT
29.Patrik Orlainsky AT
30.Benjamin Steiner CH
31.Dominic Schenk CH
32.Patrick Lombardi IT
33.George Vincent GB
34.Dylan Pina Hoblyn GB
35.David Streibl DE
36.Finbarr Crowley IE
37.Louis Smallwood GB
38.Alex Dehmel DE
39.Jooz Hughes GB
40.Nicolai Jacobsen DK
41.Kent Lingeveldt ZA
42.Matteo Alessio Zerial IT
43.Bernardo Landelli IT
44.Simone Sartori IT
45.Sep Huls NL
46.Nicolas Döbeli CH
47.Finn Meulenbeld NL

There are 13 nationalities attending this event.

  • PL - 10
  • DE - 6
  • GB - 6
  • CH - 5
  • NL - 5
  • IT - 4
  • AT - 3
  • NO - 2
  • LV - 2
  • ZA - 1
  • IE - 1
  • BR - 1
  • DK - 1
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