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This page will show an explanation of several words/terms, used on this site, in alphabetical order. This list will be updated continuously.

  • Blind spot: a point where you, as a rider, can’t see oncoming traffic.
  • Consi final (aka small final): the final for numbers 5 ’till 8.
  • DNF: used in race results > Did Not Finish : this means the rider did not make it to the finish line. This is mostly due to a crash but a rider can also be injured from before, which keeps him/her from completing the track.
  • DNS: used in race results > Did Not Start : this means the rider was eligible to start but didn’t for an some reason.
  • DQ: used in race results > Disqualified
  • Marshall: a volunteer who helps an event by watching the road. Treat them with respect ! We need them.
  • Priority registration: If you rank in the final 64 (standup) or 16 (luge/women/juniors), you get a priority registration for IDF events. This means you get to register for an event, before ‘normal’ registration opens. This is to make sure the top riders get a spot for the event.
  • Qualifying run: a race to position your position in the final races.
  • Rider meeting: an explanation of the rules of the event, mostly takes place at the morning of or the night before an event.
  • Spotter: someone who ‘spots’ the blind spot and signals if it’s clear, or not.
  • Wild ride: a downhill run on an open road with traffic.
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