IDF Schedule 2015 announced

IDF Schedule 2015UPDATE: There is was an error on the IDF calendar for Kozakov. It is not July 16-19, it is July 21-25. This poster has now been updated with the correct date.

Many people have been eagerly awaiting the IDF 2015 schedule. What races will be on it ? It was released late last night and is now public. Check it out for yourself on the poster.


Salzadella DH
A new addition is Salzadella DH, known for their freerides on the same track. They’re organizing a WQS event and we have good expectations from it.

TMI Lillyhammer
Last year it was a World Qualifier Event, this year it has been upped to a World Cup event. Is it WC worthy ? We don’t know (yet)… Only ‘downside’ is, Norway is expensive and it’s hard to incorporate in a Euro tour (by car).

It’s a shame that Almabtrieb is not on the calendar, but that has nothing to do with the IDF. The people living next to the track are causing problems, so Risch decided to hold off for now.

Peyragudes Never Dies
Peyragudes unfortunately won’t be back since Koma Kino decided to step down as organiser to spend more time with his family and on the IDF.

North America

Admitted, four might be a bit many World Cups on one continent (counting South America separately), these four are challenging races. Maryhill, Angie’s Curves, Whistler Longboard Festival and Push Culture Family Picnic.

Whistler Longboard Fest
Whistler unfortunately had to move due to availability problems with the weekend in which it took place in previous years, which makes a Maryhill – Whistler roadtrip not possible anymore.

Pikes Peak
Pikes Peak’s track might be awesome, but to run a world cup you can’t just let 100 riders compete and open the track to traffic every 20 minutes. And in our opinion to qualify to be a World Cup event, all classes should be ran, including classic and street luge.

New WQS additions in NorAm are Madison County Gravity Fest, which used to be an IGSA sanctioned event and Killington Downhill.

South America

IDFThere are two new additions in S-America. There’s 7 Curves in Brazil and Pampa de la Viuda la Rioja in Argentina, both a World Qualifier event. We saw some videos and it looks good. We’ll have to wait and see.

And of course there are both World Cups; Festival de la Bajada in Colombia and Mega Grand Prix in Brazil. Also Lago Cerrillo in Puerto Rico is back on the calender, as well as Monterreal Longboard Fest in Mexico and Valle del Downhill in Peru.

Veggie Hill in the Philippines is a new race. We don’t have any info here, but hope more races will follow in Asia.

New Zealand
Last addition of the schedule is Ruapehu Gravity Festival in New Zealand, which is a long trip for a WQS but definitely an interesting trip to do.

The races on the schedule don’t disappoint, but they’re ‘spread out’ across the map which makes you have to travel a lot, so it’ll be a more expensive year to participate.

We’ll just have to wait and see how it pans out…

Download the entire schedule (2 formats) in pdf format here.

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