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  • Downhill events in Europe 2017

    It is that time again, time for our annual list of downhill events in Europe for this season. We have a total of 60 events on there, spread over 14 countries.

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  • A look back on 2016

    Depending on where you are in the world, the downhill season is over. The IDF has concluded its 2016 tour and the weather in Europe is too bad in most places to organise an event.

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  • New road, new competition

    It's not always the easiest way and sometimes there are a few sketchy moment, but it's important to learn how you handle those situations to get on a higher level.

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  • LoRaLo 2015 official video

    LoRaLo took place for the 4th year and it was the last of the series of successful Big Mountain Skate events.

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  • Winter, stop waisting my time

    European champion Quirin Ilmer lives in the beautiful Alps. See him bomb down a dusty and scratched road somewhere on one of his home spots.

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  • Madrid Eurotour part 2 - Austria

    In this second part of the Madrid Eurotour, the crew find a sick hairpin road deep in the alps and get up before dawn to skate it.

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  • Bela Joyride 2015 - official video

    The first edition of Bela Joyride was a big success. An international field of riders spent their time on this awesome long track. Check out the video and see what you've missed (or not ;) ).

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  • Bela Joyride Bear Family (and friends) run

    At Bela Joyride, two weeks ago, the Bear trucks crew (and friends) did a pack run trying to recreate 'the love train'.

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  • Alpenrauschen 2015 Official video

    To many Alpenrauschen is considered to be the best European freeride of this season. Now the official video is out and you can decide for yourself if the event is worth going to next year.

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  • Graveyard Chaos Run @ Alpenrauschen

    Alpenrauschen has got to be the best freeride this season so far. Follow The Graveyard Longboards Team down on a chaos run at this event.

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  • Beee's Euro Tour 2014

    Riding mountains or riding grass, nothing is too crazy if you're on a Euro Tour. Everybody's already planning their Euro Tour for 2015 again already, but last week Beee's video of his Euro Tour 2014 went online.

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  • Seismic Eurotour 2014

    Everybody is already planning again for this year's Euro summer tour, but not before Seismic drops their video from the 2014 Euro tour.

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  • Alpenrauschen in Austria

    From the people who organize LoRaLo (Longboard Rally Lodersdorf) comes a new event. A freeride called Alpenrauschen.

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  • Crane Mountain feat. Flo

    Landyachtz team rider Flo Wagner made some good use of the last nice days of year and shreds some Austrian backroads.

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  • LoRaLo 2014 official video

    LoRaLo aka Longboard Rally Lödersdorf took place begin September and the Bros Before Pros had the honour of making the official video. And it's here now.

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  • Beee-side: Euro Tour 2014 - Traveling

    From Kozakov we had a new travel mate; Swedish pretty boy Rasmus Klintrot would join us to Peyragudes. Together we drove to Graz in Austria to crash at a house, housed by some skaters we knew.

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  • Fast & tight with Matthias Mögele

    Landyachtz Europe Rider Matthias Mögele aka Coach Hias going fast and classy full standup on a tight run, somewhere in the Austrian mountains.

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  • Local run feat. Georg Mekisch

    On our way from Kozakov to Peyragudes, we made a stop at an Austrian skate house in Graz, which houses several skaters. One of them is Georg Mekisch, who did this nice run on local road somewhere.

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  • Throwback Thursday: Hot Heels 1999

    Yesterday we came across this clip. It dates 'all the way' back to 1999 when Hot Heels was still taking place in the Kaunertal in Austria.

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  • Loralo 2013 recap

    Loralo (aka Longboard Rally Lodersdorf is already 2 months behind us, but Layback Freiburg released their video yesterday.

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  • Streetluge Austria Opener moves to new date

    Due to the weather conditions, the Streetluge Austria Opener, which was planned on April 20/21, will change its date.

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