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  • Misty Mountain

    Boardhub's team riders Oliver Faile and Joey Marcus took advantage of the newly paved Camps Bay Drive in Cape Town that has been under construction for the last six months.

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  • Dumb and dumber

    The "Skate to Escape" crew visited ZG Skatehouse and together they attended the Velefique Freeride in Spain. This raw run is a result of that trip.

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  • Work Horse feat. Norman Plante

    Last month the first edition of the Burke Mountain freeride took place. This video is a raw run of the track featuring Norman Plante, trashing the course.

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  • Aleix Gallimo @ Teolo 2015

    Our homie Aleix Gallimo went to Italy for this years race in Teolo. Here he's followed by Mikel Echegaray-Diez who has a cam in his hand, which resulted in this video.

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  • Raw run with Jimmy and Adam @ KNK

    Fionn Kraft is a German grom who attended KNK and did a run with Jimmy Riha and Adam Persson. This is the raw run.

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  • Raw in Malibu with Dandoy Tongco

    Dandoy Tongco joined the Loaded Boards team when he was 14 and since then has been inspiring longboarders from all over the world with his smooth riding skills.

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  • Gnarlicante: X-mas memories

    The winter is a good time to escape to Spain. That's what Alex Dehmel did, who went to Gnarlicante for some nice runs with Pablo, Jorge and Toti.

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  • Axel Serrat SB Raw Run

    Follow Paris team rider Axel Serrat as he shreds his way down this well-known run on the California coast.

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  • Seismic tantrum runs

    Spanish Seismic rider Javier Tato is testing out the new Tantrums 72mm/78a wheels from Seismic on a raw run somewhere in Spain.

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  • Peace of Mind

    Tristan Kodors and Josh Boehlke head down a nice road in Malibu, California during their road trip from Canada.

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  • Patrick's Super Mango raw run

    P-Swiss is in the Philippines for the Super Mango Clinic, which is his skate clinic and takes place before the IDF race. He did a raw run on the track last week.

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  • Mt. Ruapehu raw run with Cam and Patrick

    IDF's new World Cup race "Mt. Ruapehu Gravity Fest" in New Zealand starts today. Cam Deegan arrived some time ago already and had time to check out the road.

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  • Street luge from a different view

    We've all seen street luge videos, but this one is shot from a different angle, namely a camera mounted on a pole on his thigh.

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  • Mountain mobbing with Jimmy Riha and Daniel Luna

    While en route to Maryhill 2014, Jimmy Riha and Daniel Luna stepped out of their #KeepOnFuckingTour to ride some new roads.

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  • Emily Pross mic'd up @ Lago Cerrillo

    Emily Pross mic'd up her helmet and commented live during her run with Marie Bougourd (Spoky) at the IDF race Lago Cerrillo in Puerto Rico last weekend.

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  • Carmi series: Josh Boehlke

    There's a new video in the Carmi series, a series of videos shot on the same road; Carmi in the city of Penticton. This edition features Josh Boehlke.

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  • Cooper Darquea in Africa

    Valhalla Skateboards rider Cooper Darquea went on a team trip to South Africa where managed to cramp out this banger of a raw run.

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  • Chapman's Peak

    Lee Cation was in South Africa for Hot Heels and while there he was taken on some trips by locals. Check out this run on Chapman's Peak with Simon Sturrock.

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  • Schlunz Schnee feat. Seb Hertler

    The first run of the year is always a bit special. Sebastian Hertler had his already, bombing down a wet road with snow all around him.

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  • Alex Dehmel on Cult Raptures

    German Cult team rider Alex Dehmel was in Spain to visit the Salsito Skatehouse for some freeriding. In this video he's ripping down a local mountain road on his 75a Cult Raptures.

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  • Zak Maytum on the 2015 Anvil

    In this video Zak Maytum bombs down canyon road with 90+ km/h, somewhere in the Colorado rockies on his soon-to-be-released 2015 pro model, The Anvil.

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  • Toni Conte's raw Mallorca run

    DB Longboards team rider and Surf/Rodz Ambassador Toni Conte bombs a beautiful hill on Mallorca, the island he's living on.

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  • Puebla : Oscar Gutierrez & Brian Sandoval

    Mexican rider Oscar Gutierrez and his Costa Rican homie Brian Sandoval blast down on one of Mexico's few hi-speed downhill roads. See them bomb 60+ mph on this killer road.

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  • Justin Readings - Top Gun

    Justin Readings likes to go fast. Whether it’s at a race, or hitting hills with buddies, one thing remains constant, and that’s his need for speed.

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  • PooHoo raw run vol. 2

    Landyachtz rider Florian Wagner, Bear Trucks rider Georg Mekisch and their buddy Jürgen Gritzner from Kebbek are gettin' some, in part 2 of the PooHoo Raw Run.

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  • Hot and Dangerous feat. Rolo

    Follow Justin Rouleau on one of the steepest, roughest canyon roads he could find. He's tearing it UP ! …

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  • Martin & Kevin @ Almabtrieb 2014

    TSG rider Kevin Reimer and Pass helmet designer Martin Siegrist take a run together down the Almabtrieb 2014 IDF World Cup race course.

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  • Raw Canadian run

    Just a casual raw run (shot backwards) amongst friends somewhere in West Van (Canada), with Lee Cation (cam), Andrew Chapman, Mack Wacey and James Ware.

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  • Riley Irvine - Salty & Raw

    High in the Utah mountains are some hidden gems. Follow Rayne team rider Riley Irvine down one of these hidden treasures.

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  • L.A.O.Sessions: Factory Farm

    Some roads are real leg burners. Like this single lane highway on which William Humpres and Adam Astor were blasting down, somewhere in the desert.

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