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  • Rock 'n Board Fest 2014 video

    Rock 'n Board Fest is a Spanish freeride which took place last weekend. By the looks of it was a lot of fun and there's a video already. Enjoy.

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  • Toti Bicicleta @ Fire Freeride

    Follow Spanish rider and Salsito House member Toti Bicicleta down a fast, (almost) no hands down run at the Fire Freeride in Galicia, Spain.

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  • Butti - Salsito Properties 2

    We have another video from Salito's House in Spain. Follow Butti down on a raw run on the track of the Castell de Castells.

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  • Arki raw run 4.0 - footbrake power

    Follow Adrià Arquimbau aka Arki down one of his favorite roads in Catalonia, Spain. This video was shot on a closed road. If you're riding down a hill on an open road, always "stay in your lane" ! …

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  • Orma - The Devil's Goat

    The Spanish Longboard brand Goat Longboards welcomes Imanol Ormazabal aka Orma to their team. In his first video for Goat, he rides their Thor prototype model.

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  • Dancing with Goat

    We have another video by Pablo Quiles from Spain. This time he meets up with the La Banda Crew in Madrid, at their home spot 7 hairpins.

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  • Titaweekend 2014 video

    It's been a while already, but the Tita weekend 2014 took place a few weeks back, in the Spanish town Titaguas. Check out this video by Marta Guillén.

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  • Foreign Exchange parts 2 and 3

    We published the first part of the Foreign Exchange a while back already, but we forgot about #2 until #3 appeared in our Vimeo feed. So here are 2 parts at once.

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  • Girls only @ Navarcles (raw run)

    La bala Española (the Spanish bullet) Mikel Echegaray uploaded a new raw run, shot during a girls-only run at the Navarcles freeride in Spain.

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  • Rosemary meets Basati

    Follow Pablo Quiles down on a first run, somewhere in the Spanish part of the Pyrenees, where he even encounters some wild horses along the way.

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  • Max Meurling in Gnarlicante

    Our buddy Max Meurling from Sweden visited Salsito's House in Alicante for some gnar time. Check out this raw run he did.

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  • Javier Tato @ Inferno track

    Follow Javier Tato on a fast raw run down the track of the Inferno Freeride, (which will take place in May) in Xinzo-Ponteareas, Spain.

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  • Video Titaweekend 2014

    Last weekend the freeride Titaweekend took place in Titaguas, Spain. This is a video from that event.

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  • Sergio Carrion @ Tato's birthday

    Javier Tato (of the Spanish La Banda Crew) celebrated his birthday with friends on their local hill around Madrid where they shot this raw run of one of their groms; Sergio Carrión aka JR.

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  • Offshore from Switzer-land

    International hand model and downhill skateboarder, Patrick Switzer, makes his way back to the islands of Greener Pastures.

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  • Shutdown feat. Aaron Skippings

    Check out this raw run featuring Aaron Skippings on a sunny island (we suspect something Spanish), where he bombs flat out for almost 5 minutes.

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  • The Perfect Hit

    Time for another cool video feat. 'Spanish bullet' Mikel Echegaray. Here is riding his home spot, trying out his new Guga trucks.

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  • Island time - LY Crew Cuts

    The Canary Islands is becoming more and more popular as a downhill holiday location. Check out this edit by LY riders Florian Wagner and (Matt)hias Mögele and some of their friends.

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  • Damn Curves

    Put 12 female skaters in a house in a mountainous region for a weekend. What do you get ? A nice video of girls riding downhill, sliding and having fun.

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  • Setup Magazine #1

    This week a new digital Spanish magazine about longboarding in Spain was lauched, called "Setup Magazine". It's a project by Aleix Gallimo and Alvaro Bajo.

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  • Yvon Labarthe @ La Salzadella (raw run)

    La Salzadella is one of the nicest freerides in Spain (coming up in a few weeks). Last year Yvon Labarthe attended the event and Mikel Echegaray-Diez shot this raw run of him.

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  • Spanish overtakes by Mikel

    Our Spanish friend Mikel is filming his ass of. Yesterday a new video from him hit the web where he follows a pack of 4 Los Cachorros riders on their home spot.

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  • Eat Concrete in Tenerife

    No, it's not an Eat Concrete event in Tenerife, it's the Eat Concrete crew riding 'the Chiquitta' in Tenerife on their winter break.

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  • Pjäx' Island runs

    Everybody goes (or wants to go) to Lanzarote nowadays. Check out Pjäx' video in which he's doing some nice runs on the Spanish isle during his holiday.

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  • R.A.D. luge riding at the Spanish Maryhill

    We see Mikel Echegaray-Diez film the nicest videos, but he's always filming others. This is a video featuring just shots of 'the Spanish bullet' on his classic luge.

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  • Aleix Gallimo - Canary Islands

    Aleix Gallimo takes his Vecter 37 out for a spin during his trip to the Canary Islands.

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  • Filippo Salerni testing a N2R board

    Follow Italian rider Filippo Salerni down Malaga Downhill's local spot, where he's testing a prototype N2R board.

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  • One day with Monty

    The La Banda Crew has released another video. This video shows Monty being followed downhill, somewhere around Madrid.

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  • The Martins surfing on rockets in Spain

    Our Swedish friend Martin Speedoff took a trip with his homie Martin Hult to Spain where they bombed an abandoned road.

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  • Madrid Downhill - La Banda

    Last week we came across our first video of LBC, not Long Beach California, but the La Banda Crew from Spain. This is a new video in which they shred the hills around Madrid.

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