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TMI GrefsenkollenLast weekend it was all about Whistler and its live broadcast, but you would almost forget that there was another IDF race taking place, in Norway; TMI Grefsenkollen.

We have the final results and a few pics for you.

1. Adam Persson (S)
2. Caspar Grette (NO)
3. Adrian Jancey (NO)

1. Rebekka Gemperle (CH)
2. Kristina Engstrand (NO)
3. Dani Gaislerova (CZ)

1. Johannes Aalholm
2. Magne Ørvik
3.Esaja Ekman

1. Konstantin Weigl
2. Axel Patricksson
3. Kim André Hansen

[uitklap titel=”Pics by Erkki Rustad”]

More pics by Erkki Rustad


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