Wallonhill Festival 2013 pics

Wallonhill by Natalia Mielniczuk Wallonhill Festival is behind us. And boy was it wet. It started to pour on thursday night and didn’t stop until Saturday, so it was a slippery track. Nevertheless everybody went for it.

It was basicly the same as previous years, there was too much rain, the campsite was a muddy mess, everybody was hella stoked, so it was again a success.

We made a list of the first photo galleries we could find. If you know more galleries, drop ’em in the comments.

Photo galleries

Natalia Mielniczuk
Rafaël Carette
Holger Schickor (1)
Holger Schickor (2)
Holger Schickor (3)
Tom Sinsports
Emile's mom
Stephen Gwinn
Elise Loeys
Egwin van Heijst
Beee (Freerides.org)

Wallonhill by Beee Wallonhill by Beee Wallonhill by Beee Wallonhill by Beee Wallonhill by Beee Wallonhill by Beee

By Beee (Freerides.org)

Broadcast on Belgian TV (no subtitles)

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