A few words about Billy's Curve

Today was the registration for Billy’s Curve, the much-sought-after freeride in Luxembourg, by the Wallonhill crew, which sold out in just minutes.

A lot of people thought they had problems when registering, so we wanted to clear that up a bit. There were NO problems during the registration. It all went as planned and went smoother than expected.

Wallonhill 2015

Thanks to Gravity Supplies in Groningen (NL) we now have a better server for our registrations. This made it possible for the server to take 100’s of registrations at once and thus register a lot of people in the first minute, which also happened.

So after a few minutes it was sold out and the message “We screwed up”, was shown. This was an incorrect message. It should have said sold out. We just forgot to change it when we were improving our system.

So there was nothing wrong with the site, the registrations just flew out the (virtual) door. We’re sorry if you weren’t able to register but there will be a second chance.

The registrations which are not paid within the given timeframe (5 days) will be deleted. Those will then become available for registration again. So keep an eye out on the Billy’s Curve page and our Facebook page.

UPDATE: There will be NO second registration point. Almost all tickets are paid already and those not paid yet will come. So Billy’s Curve is and remains sold out.

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