A look back on 2016

Depending on where you are in the world, the downhill season is over. The IDF has concluded its 2016 tour and the weather in Europe is too bad in most places to organise an event.

So I wanted to look back at this past year (from a personal point of view), a year filled with kick-ass events, world firsts, broken records, long days, several stressful moments but most of all lots of smiles and people having fun on 4, 6 or 8 wheels.

Speed records

2016 was the year of speed and breaking records. In June Swedish rider Erik Lundberg flew to Canada to take a shot at challenging the fastest speed ever recorded on a longboard, which was set by Mischo Erban in 2010: 129,65 kph (80,56 mph). He went to Quebec, to ride the same road as Mischo did and broke the record by 0,98 kph (0,61 mph), setting it at 130.63 kph (81,17 mph).

See the video of Erik’s run here.

Then at the end of August Kyle Wester also took a crack at this record, but instead of doing it on the same road, Kyle did it in his home state of Colorado. A road which is high up in the mountains, with f air pressure. Kyle’s attempt clocked him at 143,89 kph (89,41 mph), shattering the record Erik set merely 3 months before.

The announcement of a new downhill speed event, taking place on the same road Erik and Misco set their records on, was met with enthusiasm. Top Speed Record Challenge was on, in the weekend of 9/11. It was a nice collection of gravity vehicles, with lugers, inliners, longboarders, gravity bikes and cars, several fitted with extra aero kits and/or aero suits to crank out that extra 0,1 kph.

Thanks to technology (Facebook Live/Periscope) we were able to see live video from all across the ocean, seeing riders fly down this crazy road. Only 2 riders were able to hit that magical triple digit mark; 100 mph. Big respect for Michael McIntyre with 164,11 kph (101,979 mph) and Roger Hickey with 161,38 kph (100,279 mph).

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