The problem

HollandWhat do you do if you like downhill and live in a country without any mountains/serious hills ? Then you exchange information about freerides with your fellow downhill riders, who have the same problem. That’s exactly what we did for a long time.

Living in Holland we don’t have a lot of options for downhill riding, so we need to look for events abroad. To keep track of all these events a secret Facebook group was created to share the info with the ‘Hardcore Dutch Downhillers’ (the name of the group), which consisted of about 60 Dutch and some Belgian standup riders/lugers who frequently traveled abroad for freerides.

The idea

We had a shared note which listed all the events, but it was a pain to maintain, since it was text only. Then the thought came, why not put everything online ? So everyone can share the stoke.

Having worked in music for more than a decade, where there are party websites are all over the place listing club events, I was surprised there was no site which had a decent list of downhill events. And so the idea for Freerides was born.

A skeleton site with a minimalistic design was setup in an afternoon and filled with all the available freeride information we could find. At this point we’re about 1,5 years in and we have listed around 300 downhill events worldwide and we’ll keep going for a while…

Share the stoke !


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