Beee-side: Euro tour 2014 - Almabtrieb

My Euro tour started in Düsseldorf (Germany) this year, where I picked up a green van for this year’s summer tour.

Road trip van

With approx. 6 hours delay we left for Mainz, picking up some gear and Justin Readings, an unexpected extra passenger. Then it was on to Nürnberg where we picked up Ras from BTR and a friend of his, Sion.

From there it was one straight way to Neukirchen, but then the wrong one at first, since apparently there are two. So in our second attempt we managed to get there around noon on the first day of Almabtrieb. The weather was great at the campsite, sun all day, no rain at all.

What can I say about the race, I didn’t see anything else but the finish. I heard heats were tight.

I saw some close finishes resulting in these podiums:


  1. Kevin Reimer
  2. Patrick Switzer
  3. Jimmy Riha
  4. Matthew Kienzle


  1. Elena Corrigall
  2. Tamara Prader
  3. Marie Bougourd
  4. Tina Zobel


  1. Jakob Eriksson
  2. Benjamin Tillius
  3. Max Hummel
  4. Pan Diemer


  1. Martijn Schrama
  2. Javier Colomer
  3. Yogi Maerz

Click here for all results.

The awards ceremony was just a madhouse, Jimmy Riha and Erik Lundberg were the ones pumping the crowd, while organiser Stephan and Olivier and race director Eimer, said some words and received a lot of cheers and shouting.

The party continued and the bonfire got higher and higher until no one wanted to play with it anymore and people stumbled into their tents.

Almabtrieb 2014 was over… Let’s do this again next year… but I beg you Stephan; allow (street) luge…

It wasn’t over entirely for us, because together with a whole group of riders we stayed a day longer, to help break down the camp, clean up the track and return all the empty bottles and by the end of the day the entire area was nicely cleaned again.

Clean Almabtrieb

For us Almabtrieb ended with a big dinner before everyone would be on their way to the Czech Republic. On to Kozakov…

Dinner after Almabtrieb

See you there in 2015…

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