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  • We need your (event) info

    Yes it is that time again. A new year has started so first of all we wish you a smashing downhill year ! …

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  • Wallonhill becomes an all Belgian event

    For quite some time, the Belgian freeride Wallonhill is heavily visited by Dutch downhill riders, who lack any facilities in their own country. This has caused many Belgian riders not be able to register, so Wallonhill made a decision for 2018.

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  • Downhill events in North and South America 2017

    Next to our annual European list, this year we also did an American list featuring both North and South America. We have 41 events spanning 8 countries.

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  • Downhill events in Europe 2017

    It is that time again, time for our annual list of downhill events in Europe for this season. We have a total of 60 events on there, spread over 14 countries.

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  • Freerides v5

    On January 6, 2013 Freerides started as a simple, white website with just a list of events, nothing more. A little over 4 years in, you're now looking at Freerides v5.

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  • Subscribe to our downhill calendar

    If you want to keep your calendar synchronised with our events list, there's a real easy way to do so. In this post we'll explain you how you can do this.

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  • The 100 mph club

    Last weekend the Top Speed World Challenge took place in Canada. Riders were hunting for the fastest speed on this hill, trying to break previous records set by others.

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  • Downhill events in Europe 2016

    Publishing our mega list of events has become an annual recurring thing and each year the list gets bigger. We started out with one list world wide, but it just becomes too much for one list.

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  • NorAM events 2016

    It's time for a new season and this means we're preparing a big ass list like last year. Lee Cation does this every year. Normally we launch around the same time, but this time he beat us to it.

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  • New $ 199,95 GoPro announced

    GoPro has announced the launch of a new Full HD camera, starting at $ 199,95. The new Hero+ has wifi and bluetooth connectivity and shoots in 1080p60.

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  • Eat Concrete 2015 photos

    Last weekend the Belgian Championship in Downhill skateboarding and luge took place in GroƟ-Fays. There are tons of pics floating around online, so we grouped all links with Eat Concrete pics.

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  • IDF announces helmet requirements

    The IDF has announced new helmet requirements for this season. To make the sport safer, uncertified helmets are now banned.

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