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Date10 April - 12 April 2016
LocationOslob (Philippines)
Event type
Registration fee€ 70,-
Rider limit100 riders
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Clinic organized by

Tamara Prader, Dandoy Tongco, Cristine Yap Garnace, Maga & Rob McWhinnie, Patrick Switzer

Registration includes (t.b.c.)

Poster Super Mango Clinic 2016

  • Three days morning riding clinic guided by international and local instructors
  • Three days afternoon free-ride
  • Optional STAND UP RACE during afternoon of third day
  • Camping at the Barangay Hall with lots of trees to hang hammocks
  • Security for rider’s equipment at the Barangay Hall during riding and the party
  • Pack of RED Vicious Griptape
  • 60 first registered riders will receive their choice of Orangatang Kilmer 80/83a Wheels or Race Red Bones Bearings
  • Welcome dinner on the 9th at 7:00 PM after registration
  • Transportation by Moto-taxi from Barangay Hall in Oslob in the morning to the start line and all day on the road
  • Water at each checkpoint
  • LIMITED water supply for bathrooms and the sink at DENR Building at top of course
  • Your choice of meat, fish or vegetarian lunch served on the mountain
  • A mango to start each day!!!

Guest instructors

Jimmy Riha, Danny Carlson (Vicious Griptape), Riley Harris, Benbro, Rob & Maga McWhinnie, Tamara Prader (Orangatang Wheels), Harry Clarke (Orangatang), Manu Duhamel (Orangatang Wheels), Nico Gallman, & Patrick Switzer (Orangatang Wheels, Vicious Griptape, Bones Bearings)

Local instructors

Bryan Tongco, Pedro Escarda, Gerard Cancio, & Dandoy Tongco (Orangatang Wheels), Tito Sumicad , Epos Santilmo


Municipality of Oslob, Orangatang Wheels, Vicious Grip, Bones Bearings, DWLE (Driftwood Local Ent.)

Super Mango Clinic event map 2016

S.M.C. description

Our mission is to develop community leaders who can spread their knowledge and build local community throughout Asia. To provide a cooperative learning environment and encouraging others with guidance from professionals in the sport where riders can develop well-rounded skate and interpersonal skills associated with longboarding and their community involvement.

We aim to attract community leaders and active members of widespread Asian communities who are interested in learning more about being involved than simply riding skills.
The collaboration of the geographically disconnected skate communities of Asia allows for a chance to co-operatively learn riding safety and skills that are not easily taught in a competitive environment.

Riders will be instructed to be “Super Mango’s” through three main subjects:

  1. Injury prevention & safety
  2. Riding skills and how to instruct others to learn
  3. How to keep a skate spot and being conscious in your community

Standup race

Afternoon of April 12
The race will be a 32-man tree single elimination bracket with losers racing for all positions. Tape will be provided for the pucks, marking it when used. Use of head elbows knuckles and a knee is allowed, but looks kooky.


Part of the VLT series adventure involves heavy camping. Come prepared to survive in nature and travel light! Driftwood Local Ent. will be selling hammocks if needed.

The road wears wheels quickly! Bring an extra set or two.

The road is split up into four sections with checkpoint stations built for shelter from the sun, water and where moto-taxi’s will be waiting to shuttle you back up!

Rider’s who are not comfortable to skate the full road have the option to take a moto-taxi to the section where they would like to ride or back down to town next to the ocean.


April 9
2:00 pm – Free & Easy Mobile Skate Clinic organized by Dandoy Tongco for the kids of Oslob at the Barangay Hall
2:00 pm – Rider registration, pickup rider’s goody package & optional gear inspection
7:00 pm – Welcome dinner in town center with festivities hosted by the Mayor
9:00 pm – Rider’s meeting

April 10 & 11
5:30 am – WAKE UP CALL
6:00 am – Morning Yoga lead by Maki
6:30 am – Moto-taxi’s transport riders to top of mountain
7:00 am – Rider’s briefing & organizing skill level groups
7:30 – 8:00am – Morning riding clinic begins
11:00 am – LUNCH BREAK at checkpoint shelters (provided)
12:00 pm – Super Mango Training
1:30 pm – Moto-taxi’s transport riders to top of mountain
2:00 – 5:30 pm – Afternoon Free-ride
8:00 pm – Rider’s meeting

April 12
2:00 – 5:30 pm – Afternoon Free-ride & Stand Up Race
10:00 pm – Live music at MWR Bar by DJ Jcoy & S.T.I.F. (Smarter Than Intellectual Fools)

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VLT description

The series consists of 12 days of skateboarding, with the best roads in the Philippines Islands of Cebu & Siquijor. The trilogy starts in Siquijor for the Mystical Island Free-ride before moving across the water to Oslob, Cebu for the Super Mango Clinic, and then onto the IDF World Qualifying Series Race Veggie Hill.
VLT Event Series Page:

Internation Downhill Federation World Qualifying Series Race

If you would also like to sign up to IDF WQS Veggie Hill, click here.
For more information, please contact Patrick Switzer at