Fastest skateboarder ever

A few weeks ago Erik Lundberg broke the record by setting it at 81,37 mph / 130,63 kph. Colorado native Kyle Wester went out on his own and was gunning for this record and he literally SMASHED it.

Kyle finetuned his equipment, had aero parts on his legs and even wore a speed suit. And it paid off… His run was clocked (by radar) at an incredible speed of 89,41 mph / 143,89 kph. Unfortunately for Kyle his run will most likely not be counted for the Guinness World Record since there was no official there and getting it in there after it happened is hard and costs a lot. But who cares, he did the run and he can be proud of being the fastest skateboarder right now (let’s wait what will happen in Canada).

This weekend the creme de la creme of the downhill scene groups together in Canada for the Top Speed World Record, will anybody beat this record ? Not counting the lugers of course ;)

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