Freerides v3.0

As you might have noticed, has undergone some cosmetic changes, but it’s not just that. We also redesigned the site from the ground up, so it’s more optimized for mobile devices and to create a bit more ‘space’ in the site.


This redesign causes the menu to act a bit differently. The mouse-over which we used doesn’t work anymore and ‘top items’ are no longer links if they have sub menu items (which can be seen by the arrow down next to it). This was done since there’s no mouse over on mobile devices. The events list can now be found under the menu Events.


World of DownhillWe want to feature the events a bit more prominently on the frontpage, since that is our main focus, so we’re now showing the first 5 upcoming events on the frontpage with a link to all events.

Events map

A new feature we have is our downhill map. This page shows a worldwide (Google) map, listing all locations which are connected to events, listed on our site.

What the future will bring ? We don’t know yet. What we do know is we’re going to continue listing events from downhill events around the world. And you can submit your own event here, if you haven’t send it to us already.

Coming Events

Our list has 1 upcoming event with new ones added regularly.

Click here to see all events.
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