Freerides v5

On January 6, 2013 Freerides started as a simple, white website with just a list of events, nothing more. A little over 4 years in, you’re now looking at Freerides v5.

The site has changed throughout the years. Where it started with just a simple list of events with name and date, you can now find a lot more information on the site, like countdown timers until the time of registration, event results (although this part has been forgotten a bit and needs some attention) and we offer an event registrations module for organisers who don’t have a system of their own.

One thing did change which is seen on every page, namely our background. After using an empty road for so long, we wanted a more downhill minded photo and found it in a very nice photo by one of the best downhill photographers Max Dubler.

The two riders going sideways in the front are Zak Maytum and Calvin Staub, the third one is Nick Dunmall and it’s taken on the Stelvio pass in Italy, back in 2012.

New background by Max Dubler
New background by Max Dubler


V5 doesn’t see a lot of changes in design, besides a squeaky clean new background. We did redo our entire menu and removed some clutter. It’s now minimised to (what we think is) the most important info on the site; the events list, the registrations page and a FAQ section.

We want to put the focus more on event info and less on general news/videos. We already cut down on our video posts but we (mostly) try to put the focus on events even more.

Under the hood almost everything changed. We rebuilt the entire site, almost from scratch. Mostly to improve the code setup but next to that we also made some improvements for our registered users.

Bookmarking events

With this new version we have launched a new feature which allows you to bookmark any event. These events will show up on your profile page, so you have an easy view of just the events you’re interested in so you can more easily plan your trips/tours.

Soon you will also be able to see which events your friends have bookmarked, so you can see who to ‘expect’ on those events.

To be able to make use of this feature, you need to be registered with and be logged in to your account. If you haven’t done so, register for an account now and start bookmarking. Click here for some explanation.

If you run into anything broken or weird, or have suggestions, please contact us.
Enjoy the new site.


Coming Events

Our list has 1 upcoming event with new ones added regularly.

Click here to see all events.
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