Freerides Widget

Screenshot WordPress widget outputOn this page you can find some explanation about our own Upcoming Events widget for WordPress.

If you run your own WordPress website, you can now list our upcoming events as a widget on your website.

You can see it in action on this page in the sidebar.


Download this zip.

Go to Plugins > Add new.

Click upload plugin and upload the zip you just downloaded.

Activate the plugin and go to Appearance > Widgets.

Screenshot WordPress widgetSelect the “Freerides Upcoming Events” widget and add it to your desired sidebar.

This plugin consists of one simple file and does not increase your pageload.

Customize it

You can enter the following things:

  • the widget title
  • the number of events to show
  • choose if you want to show IDF events only (not seen in screenshot)
  • choose if you want to show a link to all events

You can style it through your own stylesheet. The elements which are used are ul, li, a, p and img.

The widget class is ‘.widget_freerides’ but not defined by css.
The image class is ‘.powered’ but not defined by css.

If you have any questions, you know where to reach us.