Should Freerides 'come back' ?

After closing down the site at the start of February 2020, it surprised me that no one ever made a move to create something similar.

Then COVID hit and no events were even possible. Like many of you my life hasn’t been going downhill in the past 2 summers. And I so wanted it to…

We need events in 2022 because we need that thrill… but where can you find them ? There is nothing like Freerides. And I don’t say this to boast, but to say something like freerides is ‘needed’.

Just for that sole reason, I was persuaded to consider reviving Freerides.

I am considering it, but I can’t do it without help from the community, otherwise I will lose motivation (again).

I am looking for a handful of people who are active online and want to make a contribution by keeping other people informed.

Wanna help ?