Subscribe to our downhill calendar

If you want to keep your calendar synchronised with our events list, there’s a real easy way to do so. In this post we’ll explain you how you can do this.

Thanks to a format called ical, it’s now possible to for calendars to ‘subscribe’ to a calendar feed; in this case Freerides’ calendar. In this post we’ll explain how you easily can add it.

Google Calendar

Open your calendar.
In the left sidebar, click the down arrow, right of ‘Other calendars’.
Click add by URL.
Add this URL:
Don’t open this URL, otherwise you’re asked to download our calendar but then you’re not subscribed to any updates.
Add the URL, then save and done.

You can show/hide this calendar whenever you want in your calendar settings.

Apple calendar

In Calendar, choose File > New Calendar Subscription.
Enter the calendar’s web address;, then click Subscribe. Don’t open the link, copy it !
Enter a name for the calendar and choose a colour to help you identify it on your calendar.
If you want to save it to iCloud and it’s ‘greyed out’, don’t worry, just save it.

Add an existing calendar to iCloud

Open Calendar.
Click the Calendars button in the upper-left hand corner of the window to see your list of calendars.
Select the subscribed calendar from the list.
In the menu bar, choose Edit > Get Info.
iCloud is probably automatically selected, if iCloud is activated. If not, select iCloud from the Location menu, then click OK.

Coming Events

Our list has 1 upcoming event with new ones added regularly.

Click here to see all events.
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