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  • Gnar Path Brawl Race Day

    If Rob McWhinnie is not skating himself, he's organizing small outlaw races down under. This is the video from race day of his last race; The Gnar Path Brawl Race.

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  • Unbound 3.0

    Unbound is a series of videos focusing on different sports. Part 3 features Ashley Ward, a (downhill) skater from Australia.

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  • Legs Eleven

    Long (standup) runs are leg burners, everyone knows that. So imagine how your legs must feel like after an 11 minute raw run down the hill.

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  • Death Rips

    On their way to Melbourne BoarderX, Rob McWhinnie and a crew of skaters bombed this hill several times, but this was the only run they shot footage on.

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  • Chad Gibson - AHR

    Check out this raw run by Chad Gibson. The plan was to film a full edit with multiple shots of each slide, but after a few warm up runs Chad did this boss run, which was too good to cut in an edit.

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  • Liam Morgan - Raw Run 3.0

    While in the land down under Liam Morgan did record several raw runs. This is another one by Animal House Reference.

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  • Liam & Jordan

    Check out these raw clips of Liam Morgan and Jordan Riachi, shredding around in Australia.

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  • Matthys van Lille - AHR

    Animal House Reference has shot some very cool clips and a new has been published recently featuring Matthys van Lille. Check out this nice run ! …

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  • Doing 90 on a freeway

    It's the dead of night somewhere in Sydney and Rob McWhinnie takes a run down a freeway, reaching a speed of 90 an hour. Do Epic Shit ! …

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  • Liam Morgan - AHR

    Liam Morgan took a trip down under and teamed up with the guys of Animal House Reference which turned out into this clip of him bombing some Aussie hills.

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  • Fuck Mack and Cheese

    Junior IDF Champion Connor Ferguson hangs out with his mates and shreds some hills around Queensland, Australia.

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  • Will Gibson - Rhythm

    Will Gibson is one the riders of the Australian collective Animal House Reference. Last year they shot a lot of nice vids. This is one of the latest ones.

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