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  • Downhill events in North and South America 2017

    Next to our annual European list, this year we also did an American list featuring both North and South America. We have 41 events spanning 8 countries.

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  • A look back on 2016

    Depending on where you are in the world, the downhill season is over. The IDF has concluded its 2016 tour and the weather in Europe is too bad in most places to organise an event.

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  • Highway Gospel

    Coast Longboarding is an important part in skating in BC Canada. You can now watch the documentary "Highway Gospel", which depicts (a bit of) the history of skateboarding in BC. And you're in luck, you can watch it now for free.

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  • Cribb Bomb: Sheeps Creek

    Striker's Cribb Bomb tours are 90% shenanigans, 10% skateboarding and Sheeps Creek was no exception. Packed with enough beer to fill a swimming pool, a crew of 11 skaters headed north, bombing every steep grade on the way.

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  • Maryhill/Whistler 2014

    Even though Maryhill 2015 is closer than 2014, it's never too late for a new video of this iconic race. Check out Freerides' founder Beee's video of Maryhill and Whistler.

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  • How to bomb hills

    Mack Wacey, Jackson Shapiera, Jimmy Riha, Brodie Owens and Josh Musumeci got together after the Britannia Classic for a fast mountain bomb.

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  • Mikel vs Andy @ Whistler 2014

    Mikel Echegaray-Diez is one of the fastest lugers in the world and on Whistler 2014 he had some serious competition from another fast bloke; Andy Lally.

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  • High Spot Trippin

    What more do you need than good friends, good weather, and a vehicle to go hit some good spots? Not a whole lot.

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  • Kamloops - Dowhill Longboard Park

    Kamloops is the world's first downhill park, located in Canada. It opened recently and CFJ News shot some clips of the opening day.

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  • Luke Melo's Downhill summer 2014

    Rayne team rider Luke Melo traveled across the North West to Britannia, Maryhill (where he was our motel neighbour), Vernon and Whistler Longboard Festival. This is a recap of that trip.

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  • Raw Canadian run

    Just a casual raw run (shot backwards) amongst friends somewhere in West Van (Canada), with Lee Cation (cam), Andrew Chapman, Mack Wacey and James Ware.

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  • Kamloops - World's first longboard park

    The city of Kamloops built, what we think, is the worlds first longboard specific park. Skate all day for free with no worries of cars or disgruntled neighbours.

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