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  • A look back on 2016

    Depending on where you are in the world, the downhill season is over. The IDF has concluded its 2016 tour and the weather in Europe is too bad in most places to organise an event.

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  • Kozakov 2015 - The lugers

    Kozakov 2015 was a blast, as always and it's never too late to show a nice video. This is a compilation of street luge videos shot at this year's Kozakov.

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  • Kozakov 2015 official video

    The Kozakov video was released last week and we missed it, but better late than never. So sit back and watch (almost) 10 minutes of Kozakov footage.

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  • Mic-ed up runs

    We have 2 videos of mic-ed up runs for you. Joe Baldwin with Emily Pross and Kyle Wester in a women's pack run.

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  • Kozakov run with Mikel and Abdil

    Kozakov went down last week and 2 of the fastest lugers around did a run together. See Mikel Echegary-Diez follow Abdil Mahdzan on this awesome track.

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  • Beee's Euro Tour 2014

    Riding mountains or riding grass, nothing is too crazy if you're on a Euro Tour. Everybody's already planning their Euro Tour for 2015 again already, but last week Beee's video of his Euro Tour 2014 went online.

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  • Patrick & Max @ Kozakov 2014

    Follow Patrick Switzer and Max Ballesteros on a practice run down the Kozakov track. They're filmed by Mikel Echegaray-Diez who holds a camera, which direction/view is decided by the follow car.

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  • Seismic Eurotour 2014

    Everybody is already planning again for this year's Euro summer tour, but not before Seismic drops their video from the 2014 Euro tour.

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  • One Love Bonus - Mischo Erban

    Last week we brought you a documentary about the Czech downhill scene and its riders. There's one Czech rider who wasn't addressed in this documentary, but that's what the bonus footage is for ;) …

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  • One Love Longboard Movie

    One Love is a 30 minute documentary about the Czech downhill scene and its riders, featuring clips from several Czech events.

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  • Zealous 2014

    Zealous Bearings created a nice compilation about what went down in 2014. See nice shots from Maryhill, Kozakov, open roads in the Alps and the US.

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  • Reyvíz 2014 video

    Reyvíz is a local Czech race and is organized by the CGSA. Of course video specialists 3Heads were there to document the event.

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