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  • Kozakov 2013 - Race day 1

    Today was racing day for open skateboard at Kozakov, brackets B and C. So riders who qualified 65 and lower had to ride their finals. The riders for the C bracket were given one warm up run before the first round would start.

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  • Kozakov 2013 - Qualifying day

    It's now somewhere in the evening and a long qualifying day at Kozakov is behind us. When we woke up this morning, it had rained a bit, leaving the track wet on most places, so the first run was an cautious one to see how the track was.

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  • Freerides Summer Tour 2013

    In the next few weeks Freerides will be 'on the road'. This Saturday we're embarking on a 3 week tour with a few friends, which will take us to the Czech Republic and France to participate in 3 IDF races and hopefully some wild rides in between.

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