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  • The Battle for the downhill 2014

    One of our personal favorite videos of last year was the Battle For The Downhill 2013 by Mainout. And now there's the 2014 edition, packed with non-stop adrenaline shots in downhill skateboard and luge.

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  • Vivo Internet Fibra apresenta Downhill

    We all know Douglas Dalua is a fast one. That's why Vivo has asked him to star in their new commercial to promote Fiber Internet.

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  • Douglas Dalua - 7 Curves

    Douglas Dalua navigates his way down "7 curves" - a gnarly, steep, and technical road in Brazil.

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  • Teutonia 2013 by Muir Skate

    Follow Muir Skate team riders Scott Lembach, Max Ballesteros, Douglas Dalua and Aj Haiby down the fastest race track in the world at Teutonia, Brazil.

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  • Dalua's Nightmare

    Even with so many new races on the world circuit, Teutônia is still the most feared hill around. Hitting speeds of more than 100 km/h on a rough surface is a true challenge.

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  • Vote for Douglas Dalua

    Douglas Dalua is a downhill skateboarding icon. Recently he released his movie: "Dalua Downhill" in which a camera follows him all over the world.

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  • Dalua Downhill - The Movie

    Yesterday was the premier of Douglas da Silva Dalua's full movie, titled 'Dalua Downhill' of which you can see the trailer after the read more.

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