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  • Downhill events in Europe 2017

    It is that time again, time for our annual list of downhill events in Europe for this season. We have a total of 60 events on there, spread over 14 countries.

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  • Longboard Girls Crew in French commerical

    The Longboard Girls Crew is prominently featured in the latest commercial for Bouygues Telecom, a French telephone company. For the video the girls traveled from the Pyrenees to Biarritz.

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  • La Réunion part three: Burnt Land

    In the third and final piece in the La Réunion series, Liam and James push their limits on and off their boards. James battles injuries, Liam battles his fear of heights and together they skate as hard as they can.

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  • Rollerman @ Show Bouille'en

    We just love Jean-Yves Blondeau aka the Rollerman. Check him out riding down the track at Show Bouill'en Roller Festival in Normandy (France) which was the French downhill championship.

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  • Bomb Hard 2015 Official video

    Bomb Hard is an awesome freeride in the South of France, which starts literally at the Italian border where it drops (hard) into France.

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  • Show Bouill'en Roller Skate Festival 2015

    The Show Bouill'en Roller Skate Festival 2015 took place in May of this year in La Bouille in Normandy (France). It shows a bunch of intense moments from a great rollerblade and skateboard racing weekend.

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  • French girls down the mountain

    Check out this nice clip of 7 French girls bombing a famous road in the South of France.

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  • Beee's Euro Tour 2014

    Riding mountains or riding grass, nothing is too crazy if you're on a Euro Tour. Everybody's already planning their Euro Tour for 2015 again already, but last week Beee's video of his Euro Tour 2014 went online.

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  • Yanis & Morgan's winter trip

    Yanis Markarian and Morgan Ruiz went on a trip to bomb several French roads in winter conditions. Check out their 10 min. video.

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  • Chamrousse 2014

    Chamrousse is a freeride in France where we would love to go, but so far no luck yet. Luckily there's JuJu Buttboarding who made this video of the 2014 freeride.

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  • Seismic Eurotour 2014

    Everybody is already planning again for this year's Euro summer tour, but not before Seismic drops their video from the 2014 Euro tour.

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  • La Pistole - August edition 2014

    La Pistole is a freeride which takes place in France and had 2 editions this year. This is a recap from the August edition.

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