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  • Beee-side: Summer Tour 2014

    In about a week from now the IDF tour takes of for this summer with Maryhill Festival of Speed and will be dead smack in the middle of all the race action this season.

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  • Rollerman & Gilles @ Col de L'Epine

    Rollerman Jean-Yves Blondeau did a test run on the track which will be used for the Ultimate Drift Trike event. He rides the track together with Gilles, the organiser of the event.

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  • Skate Trippin'

    5 longboarders made a road trip in France last summer between the Col de la Lombarde and Col de Tende, they met a lot of people and had a lot of experiences, riding some of the best roads in the world.

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  • Yanis Markarian @ Mont Berthiand

    Wanna see a fast raw run ? Then check out this video in which Yanis Markarian bombs Mont Berthiand, in France on a 10% sloped road.

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  • Aerial shots from Penly

    This video is an aerial only video of the French skate spot Penly. It's a first try by Pierre Smigiel and we must say, we like it. Not bad for a first try.

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  • Le Bronze font du Skate - Seb Tournissac

    "Les Bronz├ęs font du Skate" is a series of longboard videos which shows rider from the South East of France. In this part (#3), the camera follows Bomb Hard organiser Seb Tournissac on La Col de la Bonette in the French Alps.

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  • R.I.D.E. the poney

    Le Saint Patik is a race in France and quite a nice one, so we're told. This video was shot during last weekend's event.

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  • Foreign Exchange parts 2 and 3

    We published the first part of the Foreign Exchange a while back already, but we forgot about #2 until #3 appeared in our Vimeo feed. So here are 2 parts at once.

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  • Yanis Markarian @ Mont Verdun (raw run)

    This is a raw run from Restless rider Yanis Markarian bombing down Mont Verdun, near Lyon (France).

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  • Sunday Session - Lyde Begue

    Check out this self-shot video by Lyde Begue, in which she's filming herself down a road somewhere in France, accompanied by Yanis Markarian.

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  • R.A.D. in European action

    The R.A.D. Team was present in Europe this year as Adam Persson, James Kelly, Connor Ferguson and Louis Pilloni rallied down different European race courses as Mikel Echegaray-Diez captured all the action.

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  • Andrew Chapman in the French Alps

    While being on the road last summer the Landyachtz team came across one of France's finest roads: Col de la Bonette. Follow Andrew Chapman down this beautiful road.

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