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  • Wallonhill 2015 Summer edition

    The Wallonhill freeride is the one to go to in the Benelux. 3 days of riding in the Ardennes with friends on an easy road.

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  • High Black Corner Jam 2015

    The High Black Corner Jam was a freeride/boarder x event in Ramsau bei Berchtesgaden (Germany). A day of freeriding and having fun with kickers, banks, rails and drinking beer.

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  • The Battle for the downhill 2014

    One of our personal favorite videos of last year was the Battle For The Downhill 2013 by Mainout. And now there's the 2014 edition, packed with non-stop adrenaline shots in downhill skateboard and luge.

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  • Hoodie Time in Sant Mateu

    Hydroponic riders Aleix Gallimó, Max Valls and Adrià Arquimbau went to the Sant Mateu Freeride in Castellón in the last days of 2014 and made this quick video.

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  • Events lists for 2015

    If you haven't seen it on our Facebook already, our lists of events in 2015 are finished. And we didn't create one but two lists; one for the EU and one for South America, Asia, Oceania and Africa.

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  • Chamrousse 2014

    Chamrousse is a freeride in France where we would love to go, but so far no luck yet. Luckily there's JuJu Buttboarding who made this video of the 2014 freeride.

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  • Alpenrauschen in Austria

    From the people who organize LoRaLo (Longboard Rally Lodersdorf) comes a new event. A freeride called Alpenrauschen.

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  • Fairytale freerace official video

    The Fairytale Freerace took place back in July already but the official video, which is done by Schotterflechte, hit the web last week.

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  • La Pistole - August edition 2014

    La Pistole is a freeride which takes place in France and had 2 editions this year. This is a recap from the August edition.

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  • Shred for tolerance - Scharfenstein freeride

    Shred for tolerance – rollen gegen rechts (roll against right) is a sports event which is part of a tolerance-awareness campaign.

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  • Wolzenbolzen 2014 official video

    Wolzenbolzen is a freeride which took place for the first time in Krummenau (CH), in the beginning of this month. This is the official video.

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  • Bok Bok Freeride 2014 video

    The Bok Bok freeride took place for the first time this year in Croatia and is a project by the Belgian organisation "Blutcher", also responsible for Wallonhill.

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