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  • Insul Freeride trailer

    The Insul Freeride is in 2 weeks already and almost sold out. Not that they really need to but yesterday they released a trailer, showing the track a bit.

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  • Drift trikes on the loose

    Drift trikes; we love them and even though we don't ride them, they do have a place on our site, since they attend the same freerides standup riders and lugers do.

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  • Wallonhill - official video

    Wallonhill is almost 2 weeks ago already and the next edition is in 2 weeks already but the official video hit the web today and we just had to share.

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  • Beat the Bastard 2013 - video

    Check out this action packed video from Beat The Bastard featuring street luges, standup riders and a bunch of drift bikes.

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  • Wallonhill - the Dutch crew

    We shared some Wallonhill photos already but a kick ass video was yet to come, until now. Check out this cool edit by Erwin Boekee and Stijn van Dijk.

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  • Koffe/Schnapps (2) recap

    Another recap; this one is from the 2nd edition of Koffe/Schnapps, which took place in Urbeis (France) where Alsace Downhill put on another nice event. We couldn't find a lot of pics, but some is better than nothing. Enjoy.

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  • Navarcles Freeride - video

    The season is taking of now. Every weekend there are events and videos and galleries are popping up everywhere on Facebook. Last week we showed your a raw run of the Navarcles Freeride in Spain, now we have an edited version.

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  • Wallonhill Festival 2013 pics

    Wallonhill Festival is behind us. And boy was it wet. It started to pour on thursday night and didn't stop until Saturday, so it was a slippery track. Nevertheless everybody went for it.

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  • Wallonhill 2013 is coming

    Only two more days before almost entire 'downhilling' Holland and Belgium leaves for Houyet, in the Belgian Ardennes, for this years edition of Wallonhill.

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  • Navarcles Freeride 2013 (raw run)

    Last weekend the Navarcles Freeride took place in Spain. Check out this raw run from AdriĆ  Arquimbau.

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  • Arson won't stop Beat the Bastard

    An arsonist tried to disrupt the fundraiser luge event "Beat the Bastard", by setting about 100 hay bales ablaze last Saturday night.

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  • La Muela Freeride II video

    On Saturday April 27 La Muele Freeride II took place in Spain. This is the video report. Enjoy ! …

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