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  • Politic freeride(s) cancelled

    Today we received the news that the Politic Freeride in Chuyer (France) on May 4/5 has been cancelled. As far as our French goes, the authorities demanded to double the ammount of doctors/medical assistance on site, making the price go way up.

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  • Wallonhill registration postponed

    If you follow Bl├╝tcher/Wallonhill you might have noticed it already, but the registration for Wallonhill has been postponed (again ;) ). But no worries, the regular presale will start online on May 3.

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  • Gioasteka opens registrations

    If you hadn't seen it on our Facebook page already, here's a notice about Gioasteka 2013.

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  • Wallonhill Namur cancelled

    It sucks, but unfortunately the planned Wallonhill edition in Namur is cancelled. The city of Namur didn't allow an event because it seems another event was already planned on the same date. But ironicly nobody knows which event.

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  • Beat the Bastard Charity ride

    Beat the Bastard is not some outlaw downhill event, it's a charity freeride to benefit cancer research. The event takes place on Jun 8-10 in Townsville (AUS) and is in its 5th year. To date they have donated $62,000.00 to the research of cancer so far.

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  • Wallonhill on tour

    If you saw the trailer for Wallonhill this year, you might have seen the dates in the last part of the video. If you didn't see it: Wallonhill is going on tour. They have 4 events planned on 3 different locations in Belgium and Luxembourg.

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