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  • Create / Root Longboards

    This video is a bit older, but we realized we never posted anything from German board builder Root Longboards, so enjoy this edit.

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  • Euro Longboarding Tour 2013 part 1

    1 month of traveling, 6 countries visted, 4 races attended. This has resulted in 4 videos featuring Original Team Riders Aleix Gallimo, Axel Serrat, Oriol Galvez and Giancarlo Di Vanna.

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  • Scharfenstein Freeride 2013 video

    Scharfenstein was a freeride which took place a couple of weeks ago in Germany. This is the video by Schotterflechte.

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  • Fairytale Freerace video

    A nice 6 minute recap from the Fairytale Freerace, which was organized on July 6/7 in Brëvorde (Germany).

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  • I-Berg freeride - pics & video

    Two weeks ago was the first edition of the I-Berg Freeride. The orga edit was released today which you can find here, as well as a couple of photo galleries we collected.

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  • Foreign Exchange tour: Europe

    Resource Distribution is the distributor for Riviera Skateboards, Elephant Brand Skateboards, Paris Trucks, Divine Urethane and Project Hardware. From the teams of these brands they've selected some skaters to take on a European tour to create an ultimate skate/road movie.

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  • Insul Freeride trailer

    The Insul Freeride is in 2 weeks already and almost sold out. Not that they really need to but yesterday they released a trailer, showing the track a bit.

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  • Häldenrennen 2013 - results & video

    Last weekend the German downhill championship, aka Häldenrennen, took place. We're very proud of Dutch riders Annemieke Wenting who took 1st place (Women) and Deen Mondt who came in 3rd (Open). Congrats to both ! …

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  • Beton on Fire Altenberg 2013 - First video

    Beton on Fire is a kick ass event, where longboarders and inliners (and sometimes lugers) hurdle themselves down a bobtrack.

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