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  • Skate & Explore - Taiwan

    Taiwan is the 4th most mountainous islands in the world. A tropical climate, millions of people, deep history and some of craziest paved roads you can imagine. All the more reason for Landyachtz to send a crew up there.

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  • Conception Sur

    Check out this video from a run on the island of Tenerife, done by Landyachtz rider Florian Wagner and Bears rider Georg Mekisch.

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  • Tom Damman - LY Crew Cuts

    Check out this video by Landyachts Crew Cuts. It's an edit featuring German Landyachtz rider Tom Damman, shredding somewhere in his local area.

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  • Britannia Classic 2014 video

    The Britannia Classic took place 3 weeks ago and Swedish Viking Adam Persson took the win, on a rainy course and beating Kevin Reimer and Mike Fitter. This is the official video.

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  • Ethan Galaif - LY Crew Cuts

    US based LY rider Ethan Galaif shot this fast and sick video on a bright and sunny day somewhere in a canyon.

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  • Attack of Danger Bay 13 by Landyachtz

    The Attack of Danger Bay is the longest running downhill skateboard race in the world and takes place in Pender Harbour, Canada. This year it took place for the 13th time.

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  • Dexter Manning - LY Crew Cuts

    Canadian LY team rider Dexter Manning managed to find some good weather and made this sick video of some local Ontario spots.

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  • Stephen Vaughn - Raw run

    Stephen took a break from the Florida lifestyle and went north to the hills in North Carolina. Check it out as he shreds down 'the infamous wizard'.

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  • Landyachtz Canyon Arrow

    The Canyon Arrow is Landyachtz newest deck. In this video Kyle Wein, Billy Bones, Kyle Martin and Travis Craig are riding it on some rough pavement.

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  • Shredding North - Landyachtz

    Check out this video of Kyle Wein, Adam Yates, David Rudgers, Stephen Vaughn and Pat Schep as they shred from Compton up through the desert into the beautiful sunny Okanagan, for the 2013 Giants Head Freeride.

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  • Island time - LY Crew Cuts

    The Canary Islands is becoming more and more popular as a downhill holiday location. Check out this edit by LY riders Florian Wagner and (Matt)hias Mögele and some of their friends.

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  • Andrew Chapman in the French Alps

    While being on the road last summer the Landyachtz team came across one of France's finest roads: Col de la Bonette. Follow Andrew Chapman down this beautiful road.

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