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  • Landyachtz in Europe

    Landyachtz launched a new video channel two weeks ago (or so), which is meant for their riders to upload their nicest edits.

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  • Kyle Wein on the LY Tomahawk

    Landyachtz team rider Kyle Wein sees his Loco 33" take a nose dive into the ocean, so he had to skate his Tomahawk for a while.

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  • Palm Trees & Pits Tour (full)

    This is the full video "Palm Trees & Pits Tour" for which Landyachtz shipped a handful of riders down under for a month this year.

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  • Palm Trees & Pits Tour Teaser

    Landyachtz flew to Australia for a 4 week tour. This video is a quick teaser of footage from the extended version that will be coming soon.

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  • Stephen Vaughn in Florida

    Landyachtz rider Stephen Vaughn has been back in Florida for a minute now and this is the footage from the past couple months.

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  • Breaking in the van

    Landyachtz needed to get some footage and photos for their 2013 lineup so they headed south down the west coast.

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  • Epic Paths & Mountain Bombs

    Landyachtz newest team riders Elena Corrigall and Riley Harris teamed up with Adam Yates to show you around one of the biggest hot spots for longboarding in Calgary (CAN).

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  • Giant's Head Freeride by Landyachtz

    Some riders say it's the best freeride on the planet, but that's a personal choice of course. What we know (by seeing this video), it looks like an awesome event where we wished we were there.

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  • Justen Ortiz in Asia - Part 5 The Philippines

    Last weekend you could see him skating again in Whistler, but Justen Ortiz still has some videos from his Asia trip. In this video he visits the Philippines where he shreds with locals and enjoys other local ativities.

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  • Justen Ortiz in Asia - Part 4 Taiwan

    We posted 3 episodes of Justen Ortiz' travels to Asia. Now there's a 4th episode where he visits Taiwan.

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  • Rimba Alam Downhill Jam '13

    Downhill races/events are popping up everywhere nowadays which is a good thing so everyone can enjoy downhill riding. Two weeks ago Malaysia hosted its first official downhill event ever in Putraya, a small town near Kuala Lumpur.

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  • Justen Ortiz in Asia - Part 3 China

    Justen Ortiz keeps on traveling and riding. Now he's in China.

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