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  • Girls just wanna have fun

    These girls certainly want to have fun. Follow Maga McWhinnie, Cristina Verdú, Tamara Prader and Susan Heine down a run on Almabtrieb's track.

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  • Maga McWhinnie's 2014

    2014 was a nice year for many riders, including Maga McWhinnie (AUS). She traveled the circuit with her hubby Rob and raced down mountains in several countries.

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  • Las Jefas

    Maga McWhinnie went on a skate trip around Spain after the IDF races, where she met up with Hawgs/Bear team mate Cristina Verdu. They got together to shred some wheels.

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  • Maga & Elena @ La Muela

    After Peyragudes Never Dies Maga McWhinnie and Elena Corrigal went to Spain to crash at Salsito's House. In this video they ride down the track of the La Muela Freeride.

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  • Bala Razza 2014

    Bala Razza is an midnight outlaw China bomb race somewhere near Lima, Peru. It's organized by Rob and Maga Mcwhinnie and the goal is basicly get down first on the line and finish a can of beer.

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  • Maga McWhinnie @ Peyragudes 2013

    Peyragudes has announced its date for 2014 already but Maga McWhinnie has just released her video of Peyragudes 2013 which was shot in August of last year.

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