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  • Island Hopping feat. Roberto Cobian

    This is a video from Puerto Rican Rayne rider Robert Cobian in which he bombs known and unknown roads around the island.

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  • High Spot Trippin

    What more do you need than good friends, good weather, and a vehicle to go hit some good spots? Not a whole lot.

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  • Justin Readings - Top Gun

    Justin Readings likes to go fast. Whether it’s at a race, or hitting hills with buddies, one thing remains constant, and that’s his need for speed.

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  • Luke Melo's Downhill summer 2014

    Rayne team rider Luke Melo traveled across the North West to Britannia, Maryhill (where he was our motel neighbour), Vernon and Whistler Longboard Festival. This is a recap of that trip.

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  • Getting savage in Arizona

    Rayne team rider Cole Kurtz is moving from Arizona to the Pacific Northwest, but not before one last AZ shred session with some smooth freerides and tech slides.

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  • The Otherside feat. Levi Green

    Rayne has released their midsummer line-up for this year. Team rider Levi Green is showing off one of the new decks, the Otherside.

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  • Maryhill freeride 2014 by Rayne

    Rayne piled all their riders into their truck and headed for America; to Goldendale, to ride the magical Loops road on the Maryhill Spring Freeride.

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  • Rayne - All the Pinche way - part 3

    In the final leg of Rayne's trip across Mexico the boys got to skate some super gnarly hills deep in the mountains of Monterreal, enjoy some cold tasty refreshments, and then drive to more epic runs.

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  • Rayne - All the Pinche way – part 2

    Rayne Team riders from all over the world we're flown into Mexico, piled into a van, and drove across the country. They hit hills, events, bars, shops, festivals, and filmed it all.

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  • Rayne - All the Pinche way - part 1

    Rayne thought it would be super cool to bring together a bunch of international team riders, pile them in a van and film the entire trip across Mexico.

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  • RV Life by Rayne

    The Rayne Team packs up Patrick Switzers RV and head out deep in the Nebraskan wilderness in search of windy roads and good times.

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  • Trippin' Africa by Rayne

    Rayne Team Riders Justin Readings and Tommy Watson headed down to South Africa to hit a couple races and get a break from the rain.

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