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  • Catalina Island Classic 2015 video

    The Catalina Island Classic is an annual highlight on the race calendar. The island, the weather and of course a spectacular race. Check out the official video.

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  • Riviera Skateboards: Paloma Golden

    'Riviera Internationalist' Paloma Golden shares her visions of her romance with downhill skating. Paloma flies down this high speed road with the style and grace of a migrating swan.

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  • Amanda Powell Riviera Ursa

    Amanda Powell tells you all about her new pro model board; the Ursa and the logic behind the thoughtful design of this board. The Ursa comes in 2 versions, the minor and major.

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  • Designed. Developed. Destroyed. (full)

    Riviera's first visions from sessions captured over the past couple of years of testing their new down hill collection. This video features Riviera's ‘specialists’ Amanda Powell, Kody Noble and Dubes doing what they do best.

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  • Designed. Developed. Destroyed. (teaser)

    This is the teaser for the full length feature that will be released next Tuesday, November 12, 2013. A couple years in the making and endless memories from this project. Enjoy the teaser and prepare yourself for the full edit.

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  • Foreign Exchange tour: Europe

    Resource Distribution is the distributor for Riviera Skateboards, Elephant Brand Skateboards, Paris Trucks, Divine Urethane and Project Hardware. From the teams of these brands they've selected some skaters to take on a European tour to create an ultimate skate/road movie.

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  • Catalina Island Classic Documentary

    Are you tired from another weekend of shredding/skating ? Then just sit back, relax and check out this 43 minute documentary by Riviera Skateboards about the Catalina Island Classic invitational race.

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