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  • Downhill events in Europe 2017

    It is that time again, time for our annual list of downhill events in Europe for this season. We have a total of 60 events on there, spread over 14 countries.

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  • Raw run with Jimmy and Adam @ KNK

    Fionn Kraft is a German grom who attended KNK and did a run with Jimmy Riha and Adam Persson. This is the raw run.

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  • Seismic Eurotour 2014

    Everybody is already planning again for this year's Euro summer tour, but not before Seismic drops their video from the 2014 Euro tour.

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  • Maga McWhinnie's 2014

    2014 was a nice year for many riders, including Maga McWhinnie (AUS). She traveled the circuit with her hubby Rob and raced down mountains in several countries.

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  • PooHoo raw run vol. 2

    Landyachtz rider Florian Wagner, Bear Trucks rider Georg Mekisch and their buddy J├╝rgen Gritzner from Kebbek are gettin' some, in part 2 of the PooHoo Raw Run.

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  • Beer run @ KNK 2014

    Take a few beers, hand them to some riders and let them ride down the Bear's Guts, without spilling or losing it. Film it and the result is this video.

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  • No Paws Down - Raw x4

    During KNK, Rob McWhinnie organized his No Paws Down race. This video is a 4-man test run of the track to test it out.

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  • Dutch Downhill Division does Kozakov & KNK

    The Dutch Downhill Division went on a road trip to support their friends at Kozakov, before heading down to Slovenia for a wet edition of KNK.

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  • Poohoo 1.0

    Austrian riders Flo Wagner and Georg Mekisch take a run down a 14 km epic road located at the border of Austria. And that's just a small part of the track.

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  • KNK Longboard Camp 1 & No Paws Down

    The week after Kozakov was the first week of 2 weeks of KNK. This first week was also the week for Rob McWhinnie's notorious No Paws Down race on this gnarly track.

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  • No Paws down @ KNK

    You have heard about KNK, right ? One of the nicest (standup) tracks, with 18 hairpins going down the mountain. And this year (the first edition) will feature a "No Paws Down" race.

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  • Euro Longboarding Tour 2013 part 3

    Longboarding with great friends, good food, chill vibes, and taking as many freeride runs as you can handle sounds like a dream, but the Original Crew found it at Bear's Guts Freerides - KNK Longboard Camp in Slovenia.

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