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  • Damn Curves

    Put 12 female skaters in a house in a mountainous region for a weekend. What do you get ? A nice video of girls riding downhill, sliding and having fun.

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  • Setup Magazine #1

    This week a new digital Spanish magazine about longboarding in Spain was lauched, called "Setup Magazine". It's a project by Aleix Gallimo and Alvaro Bajo.

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  • Yvon Labarthe @ La Salzadella (raw run)

    La Salzadella is one of the nicest freerides in Spain (coming up in a few weeks). Last year Yvon Labarthe attended the event and Mikel Echegaray-Diez shot this raw run of him.

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  • Spanish overtakes by Mikel

    Our Spanish friend Mikel is filming his ass of. Yesterday a new video from him hit the web where he follows a pack of 4 Los Cachorros riders on their home spot.

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  • Eat Concrete in Tenerife

    No, it's not an Eat Concrete event in Tenerife, it's the Eat Concrete crew riding 'the Chiquitta' in Tenerife on their winter break.

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  • Pjäx' Island runs

    Everybody goes (or wants to go) to Lanzarote nowadays. Check out Pjäx' video in which he's doing some nice runs on the Spanish isle during his holiday.

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  • R.A.D. luge riding at the Spanish Maryhill

    We see Mikel Echegaray-Diez film the nicest videos, but he's always filming others. This is a video featuring just shots of 'the Spanish bullet' on his classic luge.

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  • Aleix Gallimo - Canary Islands

    Aleix Gallimo takes his Vecter 37 out for a spin during his trip to the Canary Islands.

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  • Filippo Salerni testing a N2R board

    Follow Italian rider Filippo Salerni down Malaga Downhill's local spot, where he's testing a prototype N2R board.

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  • One day with Monty

    The La Banda Crew has released another video. This video shows Monty being followed downhill, somewhere around Madrid.

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  • The Martins surfing on rockets in Spain

    Our Swedish friend Martin Speedoff took a trip with his homie Martin Hult to Spain where they bombed an abandoned road.

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  • Madrid Downhill - La Banda

    Last week we came across our first video of LBC, not Long Beach California, but the La Banda Crew from Spain. This is a new video in which they shred the hills around Madrid.

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