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  • A day at Satan Hills

    This video by Rafael Fanzano is awesome. See him bombing down "Satan Hills" (Brazil) with high speed on his street luge.

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  • The Perfect Hit

    Time for another cool video feat. 'Spanish bullet' Mikel Echegaray. Here is riding his home spot, trying out his new Guga trucks.

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  • Street sledding, luging, drift bikes and more

    Ever heard of street sledding ? Neither did we, but last month there was a downhill event in Brazil, featuring a lot of downhill disciplines including street sledding.

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  • La Pistole 2013 video

    It's winter time here in Europe, because now every one has time to edit videos from last season. This is a video from the French freeride La Pistole.

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  • Playing with the rabbits

    Velefique is a very nice freeride in Spain with a very long track. On one of his runs, Mikel Echegaray-Diez brought his DSLR cam and shot some spectacular footage.

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  • Confortable Freeride 2013 - video

    The confortable freeride took place in the last weekend of August. Juju buttboarding has released this video yesterday which shows some nice luge action.

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  • Adrenaline junkies on Teutonia 2013

    Riding down Teutonia already takes a lot of guts, but if you step your game up and pass an inline skater between his legs with your luge, you're a top boss ! …

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  • Finals of Festival de la Bajada

    Watch the final runs of Classic luge, Street luge and Women at the IDF race Festival de la Bajada 2013 in Bogotรก, Colombia on October 12/14.

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  • Inchanga - Natural Descent

    We have posted several announcements for downhill races in South Africa but we never mentioned a freeride. And until August there was no freeride to mention.

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  • Beee's Summer road trip 2013

    I was fortunate enough to be able to travel 3 weeks through Europe, from Kozakov to Grim Mountain and finish the tour at Peyragudes Never Dies, with a great crew of people.

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  • Beee-side: Summer road trip 2013

    It's now three weeks after I've returned home from an awesome European road trip. I'm still on that rush from the best 3 weeks I had on the road/in the mountains with a cool group of riders.

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  • Beat the Bastard 2013 - video

    Check out this action packed video from Beat The Bastard featuring street luges, standup riders and a bunch of drift bikes.

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