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  • Training weekend in Luxembourg

    To prepare for this year's (European) IDF races some Dutch street lugers went to Luxembourg to do some training. Check out their smoke trails when they break at 100 kph/62 mph.

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  • Beat the Bastard (raw run)

    Beat the Bastard was a succesful charity event which took place 2 weeks ago. The event is organised by a cancer surviving street luger and they brought extra luges to try out.

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  • Arson won't stop Beat the Bastard

    An arsonist tried to disrupt the fundraiser luge event "Beat the Bastard", by setting about 100 hay bales ablaze last Saturday night.

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  • Work sucks, go streetluging

    To motivate more people for street luge and classic luge, Alexander Frischauf (AU) aka Tiki Alex teamed up with Banana Pictures to create a 20 minute documentary, titled "Works sucks, go streetluging".

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  • Streetluge Austria Opener moves to new date

    Due to the weather conditions, the Streetluge Austria Opener, which was planned on April 20/21, will change its date.

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