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  • I have registered for an event, now what ?

    If you have registered, you will most likely receive an confirmation email. It can sometimes go to your spam, but DON’T WORRY if it doesn’t arrive. IT IS NOT IMPORTANT ! All registration/payment can be found on your “registrations page“.

  • I can’t go, can I sell my place ?

    That depends on the organiser. Not every organiser allows it and some have some conditions. You have to ask the organiser to get an answer tot this question.

  • Why do I have to fill out my information again on the booking form ?

    You have to fill it out again, because you can also register for someone else.

  • I have registered but I haven’t received an email afterwards.

    Don’t worry ! Not important, just go to your personal “registrations page“. All info you need is there.

  • There’s an error in the information I entered.

    No problem, contact us and we’ll correct it.

  • I have paid but I received an email that my registration was rejected/cancelled.

    If you receive an email your booking got cancelled or rejected, it can have several reasons with the most important one ‘not having paid on time’. Ask the organiser for more info. We can’t tell you. We manage the system, not the registrations.

  • I can’t see the registration form.

    You must be a registered user with freerides.org and logged in to register for any event. Click here to login.

  • Can someone else register for me ?

    Sometimes. You can let a friend register you with your account or if an event allows more than 1 registration, you can be added as a +1, but this depends on the event. Not all events allow more than 1 registration per account.

  • Can I pay in installments ?

    NO !

  • I can’t go, can I get a refund ?

    That depends on the organiser. Generally speaking, refunds are a no-go but it depends on the circumstances. Contact the organiser to get an answer to this question. It might be easier to sell your ticket through the Facebook event page of the freeride/race.

  • I have a question about my payment.

    We don’t have any insight on payments. We only control the system which is used to register for an event. You pay directly to the organiser who manages the payments in the system. We don’t know more than you can see on your registrations page.

  • Can someone else pay for me ?

    Yes, BUT… you must use always use this description listed on the payment info page.

  • I have paid but am I not on the riders list ?

    The organiser handles/checks the payments manually. Please allow him some time to verify/approve the payments.

  • I haven’t received the confirmation email.

    There are 2 confirmation emails, both are sent automatically. Always check your spam folder first.

    1. The confirmation email to activate your account. If you haven’t received this contact us.
    2. The confirmation email you receive after registration is not necessary to pay/complete your registration. You can find all necessary info on your personal page.
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