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  • Can I subscribe to your entire calendar ?

    You can synchronize our calendar with your favorite calendar. Subscribe to this address: http://www.freerides.org/events.ics.

    Do not click the link, because that triggers a download of the file. You need to go to your calendar and add this URL as a new calendar subscription.

  • Can I import an event to my own calendar on phone/computer ?

    Open the event you want to save in your favourite browser. Click the plus icon below the date/time and download the ics file. Open that in your favourite calendar. Click here for more explanation.

  • Which info would you like to receive when I submit an event ?

    We encourage you to submit your own events to our site. We would like to receive as much info as possible. This is a list of info we can ‘use’.

    • Name of event *
    • Date(s) of event *
    • Location of event (address, city, country) *
    • Type of event; freeride, race, slide jam, boarder X *
    • Allowed disciplines are allowed; standup, street luge, inline, etc. *
    • When does registration start (date/time) ?
    • What’s the registration fee ?
    • What is the rider limit ?
    • Do you have a website ?
    • Do you have a Facebook page ?
    • Do you have a Facebook event ?
    • Do you have a digital flyer/poster ?
    • Do you have a video from last year or a trailer for this year ?
    • The track info (through findhills.com)
    • Any other interesting info you have

    * = required

    Click here to submit an event.

  • When I select a country in the search no results show up ?

    If you’re looking in our events search and you find no results, then all events which take place in this country have ended. The search function only searches for future/coming events.

    If you want to look for past ones for which you can check our archive or use the search in the sidebar.

  • Bookmarking events

    We have built a new feature, where you can ‘bookmark’ your favourite (upcoming) events. These will then show up on your profile page, so you can easily see when registration is opening and have easy access to your favourite events.

    For this feature you need to be a registered user and logged in. If you’re logged in, you then see a button below each event to bookmark it, like the one below.

    This will then also show up on your (new) public profile page, so you can see where your friends are going. We don’t have a public list of users yet, but this will most likely soon change.

    If you have bookmarked at least 1 event, your page will also show a personalised calendar, showing just your events.

Coming Events

Our list has 0 upcoming event with new ones added regularly.

    There are no coming events with your search criteria. Check our archive for past events.

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